View Full Version : Few things to improve the experience

12-02-2014, 09:51 PM
1. Stop forcing me into challenges

It's impossible to cruise from place to place without game putting you into challenges you don't want. Instead putting catchment gate on the whole width of the road put it on side - if I want it I'll start it, instead of just being caught into it. Instead of nice cruise I'm getting some distractions like gates on the road plus some ghost car - it does not help to enjoy the ride. To top the whole experience, even if I don't take part in it and just continue to drive my way I'm getting challenge final info screen which disables car control. Once again - I didn't ask for it and I don't care!!! Let me drive!

2. Let me change my driver picture.

This Ubisoft somehow generated picture of some turd have nothing to do with me. Once again - I didn't set it up, I don't want it, let me change it.

3. I don't want drivehub info about someone beating my 'record'.

I don't need dozens of messages that someone did 15pts or seconds than me. I did drive the mission to progress. I'm not interested in beating records. I'm not going to challenge, retry, whatever you think you want me to do. If ever get more competitive I'll check it. As for now it's only annoying. I would like an option to turn off some types of info in drivehub.

Game looks really good, feels well optimised, but please stop pushing people into doing things. It's supposed to open world, do what you want, game. Please do it like that.