View Full Version : Cops and how you earn gold

12-02-2014, 01:58 AM
did the cops did an engine swap with a F1 car? seriously and how we earn gold is not just about staying in 1st place long but also the state of our ride? the car is like all over the place i cant turn properly without really braking hard which is ridiculous when some of the AI can do it without a problem and whats up with the dirt race? its like my car has lubes for its tyres and the AI sticks to the freaking ground?! i cn understand that this happens in the BETA test and i played both on pc and PS4 and its the same results the first race called the initiation? on the BETA i was able to get gold for like 0.08.00++ ahead of the AI and the state of the car was a wreck both on ps4 and on PC and now my im like 0.12.00++ ahead of the AI and the state of my car has only scratched paint and i get silver? wth?!