View Full Version : Bugs And Glitches?

12-01-2014, 05:24 PM
I'm kind of curious after reading about problems different people are having with their games. I know that there are almost infinite variations in computer configurations that cause a nightmare for game developers and coders but PS3s and 4s and Xboxs roll off the assembly line one after another. They all have the same components and the same operating systems so there are no variations in hardware configurations. If, as some claim there is a bug in the game would it not affect every install o the game on every console? Why is it that Joe's game crashes every 5 minutes while Bill next door plays hour after hour with never a problem. Some people have claimed that the frame rate has made their game nearly unplayable while others say they have no problem at all with frame rates. Again, if it is a problem in the game program why does it not affect every console that it is loaded on? So, are the bugs and glitches being posted really a game programming error that needs to be corrected by Ubisoft or are they the fault of the console and maybe a corruption during the install?

Pr0metheus 1962
12-01-2014, 06:43 PM
The same bugs are happening on both Xbox and PS4, and on various different computers, so it's extremely unlikely that it's a hardware problem. There may be some hardware issues on some computers, but if there were any on the consoles, the developers would have most likely caught them and dealt with them before release, since they test the game on the consoles.

When a bug shows up is dependent upon a lot of different factors. Joe might use a particular weapon that causes a crash, while Bill doesn't. Joe might go to a certain merchant in the game, while Bill never does. Combinations of weapon and outfit might cause crashes. There's no way to tell until the developers can reconstruct the bug occurrence or find the bad piece of code.