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11-30-2014, 09:54 PM
Windows Phone might not be the platform Microsoft (and others) hoped for, but it can still teach iOS and Android a thing or two. Do you use a Windows Phone?
Perhaps you tried the platform but went back to Android or iOS (or even BlackBerry). While it might not sell in the same volumes as the iPhone or Android handsets, Windows Phone still has its place in the smartphone market, if only to push the market leaders to improve their operating systems and make better handsets.
Here are five ways iOS and Android can improve in the coming years. Since then, iOS and Android have caught up, but the speed of the Windows Phone 8.1 UI continues to impress. For instance,
finding the app you want is a case of swiping left, tapping the first letter you see to display the index, then tapping the first letter of the app you want. Finding an app on your iPhone or Android device means opening the app drawer, and scrolling. Then scrolling some more, perhaps for a while.
Windows Phone is littered with these neat shortcuts to save time, meaning that you can do more, quicker. On Windows Phone, no such problem exists. This isn’t because Windows Phone has a smaller market, either; unlocking phones to make customizations and install custom ROMs pretty much began on Windows Mobile (before the community largely centred around XDA-developers.com migrated to Android around 2007).
Microsoft has been very clever in engaging with the hacker community, starting with the token-based unlock system for Windows Phone 7 and latterly with making it easy to run self-developed apps using a developer account.
So far Microsoft’s for this community has acted as a form of evangelism, and is a tactic Apple could certainly benefit from, if only to save them the bother of patching the various Jailbreak vulnerabilities every few months.

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