View Full Version : D3DCompiler_43.dll error

11-25-2014, 03:26 AM
Hi guys!
Win 7 latest Patches
DirectX 11, diagX all fine
Latest Graphic drivers Nvidia GTX570

First time starting Uplay downloaded latest patch 1.05. After that a dx9 error came up and i installed the latest NVIDIA drivers.
Then the D3DCompiler error poped up. After searching this error, i copied the dll into the System32.
Starting Uplay and the game started, but the sound crashed. Shut down the game (should helping fix sound problem) and from this point i get the messeage from the Title.

I wanted to get into the webpage support area, but don't work. Please wait and thats all. Cookies and Java is activated.
Searching for the error didn't match in this forum!?!
What can i do?