View Full Version : No more Pre-orders

11-22-2014, 08:16 PM
It's ironic that the company that tries the hardest for pre-orders - I believe Ubi does the most pre-order bonuses and promotions - is the one which people should not pre-order from.

I'm done pre-ordering from Ubisoft. Both AC Unity and Far Cry 4 are problematic at launch. Next time I'll wait a month or so to see if patches fix the issue - I might just lose interest and forget the new game in a month though.

Who is adapting a similar policy for Ubisoft's unfinished game releases?

11-22-2014, 09:14 PM
I'm definitely not pre-ordering from Ubisoft for another reason. I pre-ordered the Gold edition for 64.99. The day before UK release, on the Ubi store, I noticed the Gold edition was suddenly 54.99. I sent a ticket in asking which price I would be charged, and, if it was the higher price, to cancel and re-order this for me so I would pay the lower price. Four days later, I finally got a response saying that this is not possible because the game was already out when I asked for a cancellation. Since then, I've simply been repeatedly stonewalled, with them not even acknowledging that I am correct to say that the 13th November comes before the 14th November, which is when the game was out in the UK. Apparently, what Ubisoft's system tells the person dealing with my ticket is what matters, even when that simply does not conform to easily verified facts or reality.