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11-22-2014, 12:16 PM
Hello i'm a huge Assassin's creed fan and i like Unity but man im so confused..

I need to download an App to my smartphone to open the Blue nomad chests.. well guess what , i cant because my smartphone is not supported apparently it has to be an iphone 7 or galaxy S 10 for the app to work.

Then I downloaded the app on my PC and i used an App player for PC to open the App (it's called Bluestacks). now i can run the app great!

I played a few nomad missions and unlocked the stupid blue chests.. then i logged in in ACU to get my rewards... NOPE i had to be online on the App and ACU simultaneously to unlock the chest. (too bad i have to be offline while i play because the framerate while playing online on my GTX770 is bellow 30)

Out of the 3 chests i discovered on the Companion App i only managed to actually unlock ingame one.. and i got....wait for it .....250 F. hahahaha spent like 4 hours for that..

Is there a list out there with the rewards from Nomad chests and other Companion app rewards in general? I need to know if i should bother playing that ****ty mobile game or not.

Next Initiates.
I own AC2 AC Brotherhood AC Revelations AC III and AC IV. none of these show up on my Initiates page.
I have unlocked Edwards outfit for no reason all the others are still locked.
Since yesterday i only own AC U in my collection.
Do i have to download an install each game for them to sync correctly?

My mind is blown the game is good but everything else sucks. Pirates enjoy it more than paying customers.

One more question is there a way to Hide a specific icon on the map? It's overwhelming . When i choose Selective is there a way for me to choose which icons i want to see or something?

Thank you for reading.

11-22-2014, 02:39 PM
Okay i found an answer for my 2nd question about Initiates and older games

Why do I still not see my Legacy Data?

The Initiates Legacy Data patch has been applied and has resolved an issue with Legacy data, but it may take up to a few days for Legacy data to fully populate to some players' accounts. Be sure when you start up Unity you connect to the Initiates service. This should start the process of syncing your account, but please note that your data will not be applied immediately. It may take some time to show up, and you may only see partial data in that time.

Anyone knows how do you unlock the Altair outfit in unity ? I read ingame that i have to start the Companion app but i still dont have it.