View Full Version : Combat in general is either too hard or broken.

Element CL
11-22-2014, 07:01 AM
Parrying doesn't make sense. When I see the bar go red or yellow, i hit the button, it works great. But sometimes the bars only appear for half of the attacks, and sometimes none at all. What's the deal with that? Eventually I figured out how to survive without having to see the bar queue and just read the attack. But then the guys start pulling guns out. I understand, guns are guns, and I brought a knife to a gunfight, ok. But why do I get an icon that works to tell me when to dodge sometimes, and not others? Even if it was consistent, it seems like there are points in a fight where the only way to survive long enough to even try hitting somebody is to spam the dodge button for 5 seconds until all the guns have shot. It's a lame way to arrange a fight.

All that would be fine, if sneaking and assassinations worked right. The old games gave me no problems with double assassinations, if i was anywhere between two people, they worked period. Now, it seems like i have to stop and approach the center of two guards slowly like the game needs time to figure out im doing a double, otherwise i risk hitting one guy and then instantly before im done, the other will be slashing at be. Another effed up thing is sometimes the guards will magically notice a quiet assassination that happened behind them. If that happens, the whole game is ruined. What's all the sneaking and timing for if these guys all of a sudden grow eyes in the backs of their heads? This of course will lead to an undeserving near impossible battle with all 5 or 6 guys around, and yea I can throw a smoke bomb down at this point and go hide, but it happens too much. My mission gets broken up like this too many times.

I don't know if it's supposed to be that difficult to fight or if they just blew the whole thing with bugs. It's hard to imagine testers were happy with it. I wouldn't want to just go back to an older games combat but this one was not done right, in my opinion.

There's also something from the old games they neglected to continue that degrades the game to me. It used to be that picking up the extras like the hidden armor was rewarded with some amount of fanfare, where ezio would unlock something with his blade, and a little gizmo whirrled around, or a casket opened up slowly or something like that. Now all you get is you touch a rune and a notification says "you got whatever thingy" This kind of thing has been a part of the whole immersion into a game for years. Every chest you open in zelda gives you that clunk noise of old wooden furniture moving, and then link holds up his object like it's being blessed. It's like with unity, they just got lazy and decided text was enough. I appreciate the abundance of customization items, but I wouldn't sacrifice the reward of discovery so much to keep it.

Free running isn't a complete disaster but there's a few too many ways to go now to be able to do it smoothly.

One last sign of lazy programming, if theres two text boxes opening up at the same time, like if i walked by a database trigger while reading a murder mystery clue, is it that hard to shuffle the old one down and make room? do I have to be interrupted and wait for one box to disappear? this is basic stuff isn't it?