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aYo TooNs
11-22-2014, 06:11 AM
So I am over 90% Complete. rank assassin.
Don't Take this the wrong way Ubi or fans
so the plot was great the story was okay not the best but not the worst short story like most others, you guys added a phantom blade cool, movement is better great, game has co-op mode (missions) fantastic STEP. that is about the only things that are good giving the co-op is BROKE.

So I have payed all Creed games most 100% but uplay says i have only played this game and black flag SMH.
Give this some thought as I am playing and wondering why so many things are going wrong or were not in this game, first next gen game and I would say a very lack in performance
Alot of older games had better features as far as what the assassin can do, Rope dart,dual pistols, throwing knives (Best), ect, the posion gas is very weak SMH. The initates is broke Level 10 got the chests equipped connor's outfit played few hours and the game froze once i get back online don't have the outfit nor the chest to get them SMH, i know every body has been complaining which they do have the right as which almost every ubi soft game that has online features has a problem. which bring me to the app that is also BROKE, now it was a good idea worked fine for back flag. but this game for some reason has more bugs and problems than any and probably all creed games put together. But i do have faith that one day you will listen and fix these problems and others that come, But id rather have a Full single player game that works properly than a supposed to be co-op game with additional features that does not work. i will continue to buy and play creed games as i do love being a assassin but i'd rather waste $60 another way. i got the season pass with thoughts of it have cool added content that i can use right away, should have known from black flag not to buy it as its a waste of $30. so with all that being said, you have some of the best equipment locked by club stuff SMH, which by the time you get that running most people will have giving up on this game and moved on to far cry COD halo back to older games. your dlc is next year LMAO I wont have the game by then nor will most people as this games stock value has decreased faster than any next gen game. so if people do trade in this game will gone in less than a weeks time. You guys could have done so much more besides making it look better. you guys tried i'm sorry it did not work out like you hoped and this game will make people think less of your ability to produce another all star creed game.

BTW altair and nostradumus Challenged outfit has the same exact look just one is white and the other is black. SMH