View Full Version : Graphics Problem

11-19-2014, 07:38 AM
Half of the graphics have been missing for the last week. When I go to the lobby I can't see anyone. I see the ! with a circle around it and the face of the robot. I can't see Butch or any other character. I can't see the slot machine, just the stick and the start button. Should I wait for the next update? Will this fix it?

11-19-2014, 09:54 AM
This topic sounds familiar:

In my case the game fixed itself within 12 hours, but if you are still low on space it could persist. Another thing you could do is uninstall/reinstall the app, then pull your saved game off the server.

11-25-2014, 01:12 PM
The bug is caused by missing textures in the game and reinstalling the app will fix the issue. Please reinstall.