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11-17-2014, 10:27 PM
There have been many requests from a lot of new players like myself to see a list of all past tourney items. Is it possible to create that list to include the stats on these items (bracers of Gannicus for instance)? A lot of requests for for new items as well, why not combine the two? New items for the tournament reward or gold purchase- as usual, maybe some of the past tourney items could be made available at a discounted gold/silver price? Instead of costing upwards of 290+ gold these items could be bought at 100-150 gold or 500,000 silver(arbitrary number there). I still come across items on other glads that i have never seen, sure I'm not alone there. Some of us don't know what we are missing or what to request- a detailed list could go a long way there.
Now with all top level perks available for anyone to win, why not make the equipment more readily available as well?
What say you Spartacus Legends Community/developers?

11-18-2014, 09:03 PM
The few I have are:
Luck and Grace: Daggers that offer +10% speed
Winged Helm: +10% speed
Winged Sandals: +10% speed
Agron's Falx: Sword and shield weapon with (you guessed it) +10% speed
Bracers of Gannicus: armor with +10% speed
Helm of Vulcan: the best f***ing helm in the game
Agron's Greatsword: Strongest two handed sword in the game
Mail of Minerva: fast armor with balanced health and damage stats
Shield of the Danmed: Shield with health and lot of pankration %
Spear of Apollo: 4% speed boost with high critical hit chance and damage
Armor of Apollo: fast armor with high critical hit chance but no damage boost
Helm of Apollo: Helm that has high critcal hit chance

Hope this small list helped (also, 500,000 is chum-change)