View Full Version : In-game chat problems

Bellend 39
11-17-2014, 04:57 PM
My friend and I are playing Unity on XB1 with standard issue controllers and headsets that came with the console and are unable to hear anything through the headsets when trying to chat. We've updated the firmware on our controllers, which did nothing, we get the max volume tone if we turn it up all the way, we also get the muted light when we mute our headsets, so they are plugged in and functioning. In the game, we do not have the icon next to our name that indicates that we are using headsets. I've played with other people who are using headsets and I can hear them talk, but they obviously can't hear me. It's VERY limiting when trying to do anything strategic on multiplayer missions. I have found no mention of other people having this issue anywhere on the internet, so I'm assuming we are doing something wrong on a very basic level.