View Full Version : AC:U / Multi-monitor / Nvidia Surround /Amd Eyefinity - support

Toothless Spoon
11-14-2014, 12:41 PM

Just a shout to the devs for including yet again flawless support for triple screen users! After the Watch_Dogs debacle, I was fearful the new AC game would ditch support, but no - you have prevailed! It's greatly appreciated. Obviously the game hasn't had a stellar launch, and I'm yet to dive in myself - as even with 2xTitans I'm reduced to playing at a locked 35fps using FXAA :( As soon as I introduce any form of AA above FXAA, the frames take a major dive - which I haven't seen that level of drop in any other game.

I know you guys are trying to push the bar in relation to population and graphic fidelity - which is greatly appreciated, but hopefully a few things can get ironed out and a bit more engine optimisation will occur.

Thanks again for the great support.