View Full Version : Ubisoft please keeps the people updated on problems and solutions for Unity PLEASE

11-13-2014, 08:42 AM
Ubisoft you are so much better then to try to con your loyal fans out of money on a game you clearly didnt complete. Where was the beta did you have one? An I phone only app REALLY no one truly likes those companion appa for anything but stats brass tax stats. Just saying most gamers are getting sick of companies selling them junk. Tell me we dont need to form a FDA like company to protect the consumer s from money hungry companies. Remember THQ they kinda started doing there own thing trying to get paid the consumer saw that and stopped buying where are they now? Take care of your fans and we will take care of you. So please remember it started with a passion for games now its all marketable revenue . Keep that up THQ oh I mean Ubisoft and kiss game sales good bye. P.S Please fix Unitys co op problems on ps4 if it wasnt sold on that keypoint I wouldn't care but it was so I do. P.S.S And please let us open those dumb app chests dumb idea only I phones really really dumb. P.S.S.S Where is the modern day Assassins Creed game it would be sick at leat throw us in the 60 s or 70s that would be cool too think about ending it to I see you guys are running outa fun new features year by year. Think about how creative you can get with a futuristic AC game if youneed bright Ideas hit me up lmfao yea right.:cool:

11-13-2014, 08:50 AM
And that is what happens when people rush stuff they mess up on the thing that matter like punctuation and grammatical error's.