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11-11-2014, 10:31 PM
Hello Readers.

So. I've been following this game quite a long while and I really like it (in general). But I can't stop thinking about the possibilities this game could have. I am no programmer or anything, so I don't know what is possible on todays consoles/PCs. I'm just a gamer, that has some ideas.
I have only played the 2nd PC Beta, so I won't write anything about the improvements or anything. I will just use the 2010 Camaro as example for my idea:

Current Situation:

The 2010 Camaro has 16 Front Bumpers in Street Spec (15 if you don't count the one that comes with the kit).

These bumpers are devided into let's say 4 'face-combinations' (Categorie 1) and 4 'splitter-foglight combinations' (Categorie 2).

Categorie 1:

a) The one with the halos and bodycolored grill
b) The one with the 'striped' lights and bodycolored grill
c) The completely badass blacked out ripped grill
d) The stock grill

Categorie 2:

1. Stock + black splitter
2. Stock + bodycolored splitter (maybe slightly different fog lights?)
3. Stock foglights + different lower air intake (?) + bodycolored splitter (not the same as #2, i think stock?)
4. Stock

The combinations we have from this are: 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2a.... (2 classes 4 pieces: 4=16) You get the idea, the known 16 front bumpers.

And now comes the tricky part:

My Idea:

How about we split up the two categories explained before? So if we take Categorie 1, split it up into two categories - Lights (4 pieces) and Grill (3 pieces) - which would result in 48 (!) possible bumper combinations. Stay with me here: If you then also split the 2nd categorie into three new ones - foglights (2 pieces), splitter (3 pieces), lower air intake (2 pieces) - and put in some math, you would get 144 (!!!) possible combinations. I know, maybe that is the problem here: Every car having this many possibilities on every part, would result in a crazy amount of different combinations which somehow have to get handled together with the massive map and all the online features.

And because no one wants to scroll through 144 bumpers, the bumper menu would need some tweaking, for example: Everything is like it is now, until you get into the front bumpers. Then you get another 'menu', where you can choose Lights, Grill, Foglights, Splitter, Lower Airintake.

In short: The same as it is, just a different scale and it would make the game just insanely unique.

I know this may sound complicated, but maybe to someone it won't. If noone gets what i'm trying to say, then i'm sorry. I'm really tired now. ^^ And i can also imagine that this scale is just not possible today, but then please just tell me :)

Thank you very much for reading. If you have any thoughts, feel free to comment and if i did anything wrong: Please tell me.

If anyone wonders why i did all of the above: I just wanted to have the Halo-Lights together with the normal grill on my Camaro.... :rolleyes:

11-12-2014, 01:01 AM
Yeah, I posted something about this a while back. Mianly just splitting the categories, like rims and tire sizes (if they decide to do dimensions for it all), head lights and bumpers you know, that sort of thing. As it is now, it's a little clustered and harder to really find what you think looks best on the car.