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10-28-2014, 02:35 AM
Like most of the Forum posters here, I've been gaming a long time, and have been playing AC4 Black Flag for most of a year. Recently I made the Top Ten Deadliest Assassins regionally. I only mention that because it means I've wasted a lot of time playing and exploring this game; it's been fun. But after I while, I started trying to do things that the game doesn't suggest, trying to push the limits of the Open World concept, and see how far I could go. For a long-time gamer like myself, AC4 is fun, but not very challenging, after you learn the patterns that the game repeats over and over. I prefer to play the game with four red XXXX difficulty, because then it's abit more challenging. I have screen shots where I've had all four pirate hunters chasing me, and managed to take them all down, one at a time; fun stuff.

But that's not what I'm posting about; I've figured out a way to take down two pirate hunters at once, (and once or twice, MORE) without firing a single cannon shot, and it's not a cheat or a hack; it's just finding a little weakness in the game patterns, and exploiting it, which makes the game exciting again after it became too easy. There may other loopholes in this game, and I'd like to hear from anyone who has found one, like I have.

Here's how my loophole works. I fast-travel to the southeast or bottom left side of the map, to the wrecked ship in that area (Sorry, can't recall the name outside the game) and when the Jackdaw spawns in, you're right at the buoy, and usually three ships spawn nearby, often a treasure ship and 2 smaller ships. Within a minute, you'll get the pirate hunter alarm, and (if you keep the game at 4 RED XXXX) two pirate hunters will converge on your ship. After I'm sure they're chasing me, I head south, hugging the coastline, until I get to that narrow crooked passage on the bottom left of the map, and enter, luring the pirate hunters 4 to 5oo yards behind me. As soon as I make the first turn to the right and am out of sight of the hunters, I stop the Daw, but I don't let go of the wheel...YET.

Looking back at the part of the channel I just came through, there's a low arch of stone just above water level, and you can see a little of the channel you just came through. Keeping close watch on the hunter signals coming closer and closer, when the lead hunter hull shows through that low stone arch, I quickly let go of the wheel, and this is where you exploit the loophole, because the game is programed so that, when you let go of your wheel, the hunters stop, weather they are far away or VERY near. Now, if you are too slow and let the hunter actually come past a certain point, Attack mode will kick in, they'll attack you and this won't work, but if you drop the wheel the moment you see that hull through that low stone arch, and before they can see you, you'll have them at your mercy.

Next, you jump overboard and swim towards the closest hunter, board them and kill everyone, you against all of them. Once you've cleared that ship, look back up the channel, and a few hundred yards away, the other hunter will be sitting dead in the water, waiting for you. Swim there and clear the decks. You've just killed two ships full of crew by yourself, without firing a single cannon. But you're not done yet. Swim back to the Daw, raise sails and move back towards the hunters, which will not move as you approach; ram the closest one and take the ship. After taking the spoils, ram the second and repeat.

NOW, here's a variation on this loophole. Let's go back to where you boarded the first hunter and are slaughtering the crew single-handed; this time, don't kill the two guys up in the crows nests; leave them alive, on both boats. WHY? Because if you leave the two alive up in the upper masts, when you come back with the Daw and ram the hunters, their crew will respawn, and you get to kill them all over again, on both hunters.

There's only two tricks to this loophole;FIRST, you have to get your timing exact; if you wait a moment too long and allow the first hunter to "see" you, line-of-sight, they won't stop and you'll have to get the 43!! out of there and try again. SECOND, you have to have your killing skills up to where you can confidently take on a whole crew by yourself, because your crew is never involved at all.

A few times I've gotten lucky and had three hunters in my trap, but that's rare. There are other related loopholes, where I've attacked a small group of ships in such a way that they are hemmed in close, and was able to jump from deck to deck and capture ships other than the one I actually fired on; while my crew is fighting away, I wiped out the other crews, but this trick depends on how close the Daw is in relation to the other ships; if you get too far from the Daw WHILE you're in attack mode, the game stops you. telling you you're too far from the Daw. Another time or two, while taking one ship, it's sister ship cruised right beside the one I'm taking, and I jumped into the new ship, which immediately stopped, and I took the second ship first, then went back to the one my crew was still fighting...FUN!

So give this a try; for me, finding little hidden loopholes in this game has made it more fun and challenging, and keep me playing long after I'd beat the typical game. Let me know if you're found any loopholes that I can try. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I've now figured out how to take down ALL FOUR of the pirate hunters, using only sword and pistol. See my new post!!!

10-28-2014, 07:52 AM
Not sure if that should be in a spoiler or not... I would say no as it's a tip and not giving away any story line.... but just to be on the safe side as anything not in a spoiler that can affect others enjoyment of discovery, runs the risk of a ban.

10-28-2014, 09:24 AM
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11-04-2014, 11:03 PM
Over 300 views, and not a single comment or feedback? I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only one playing this game. Tell me what you think of this very cool loophole I found in the game.

11-05-2014, 12:21 AM
Over 300 views, and not a single comment or feedback? I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only one playing this game. Tell me what you think of this very cool loophole I found in the game.

You are aware that the game has been released for over a year now, so most players are done with the game and just few are replaying it, and since Unity and Rouge release dates are upon us, everyone is waiting and anticipating the new ones.

11-05-2014, 09:52 AM
Also most hardcore players discovered this trick long ago.
I prefer to deal with those pesky galleons the old way