View Full Version : Crashing game leads to 24hr tank embargo?

10-24-2014, 02:03 PM
In the last three or four days TF started crashing a lot - just as described by other punters here earlier in the year. Every third race would kill the app, usually just when crossing the line. Since the Helloween update the game became completely unplayable, almost every race I had to do twice before I got some pumpkins to stick.
Well, given that right no one else reported the bug (but all other apps on the iPad worked flawlessly...) I thought I'd do a backup, reset my iPad and restore all apps, before blaming the developers.

And what happens? After spending a good 90mins on backing everything up, resetting my gear, restoring and waiting for Apple to be the usual unhelpful Big Brother I get back into TF and I get greeted by the Pumpkin Man taken the mick for me failing to catch his minions - well, thanks dude, but I was dealing with your mummy's coding bugs... But then I notice: ... no fuel. Not for a whole 24hrs.


Are you kidding? I know you are trying to stop the clock change (which you could have done quietly just like the slot machine that could not be fooled) - but I had a full tank before the restore. And now I don't have any game for a day.

Seriously folks, that is a classic case of how not to do it - you introduced the buggy code, and as a bonus after trying to clean it out (just to play the game, all else working fine) I get a kick in the shins.

Thanks a million!

10-25-2014, 08:25 PM
Same here. Pumpkin challenge bug AND no fuel until like 13 hours for now. Happened last night so I'm halfway there. Pretty irritating.

10-25-2014, 10:33 PM
This sounds very much like your accounts have fallen afoul of the latest anti-cheat code that was added to Trials a week or two ago (same time as the Cube quests and Dark Machine...).

If the game decides that you have changed your device time, it assumes it was done to avoid the fuel wait-time, and you suffer a penalty (24 hours of no gas, I think?) Note that I am not saying you DID this to gain fuel... just saying it sounds like the game decided you did.

Also, any game quest timer that is in effect (like in the Pumpkin King quest, etc) could have very easily seen that time change and had logic there to simply fail you (ie no fair trying to extend your quest time by messing with time).

My question to the Devs... when people DO fail in cases like these... or even if they legitimately dont finish the quest before the timer runs out... does that mean they cannot ever win the track that would have been the quest reward?