View Full Version : Spawn Beacon Gaming is looking for racers! Xbox One Clan

10-09-2014, 02:54 AM
Welcome to my post, My name is MISFIT. I am founder and leader of Spawn Beacon Gaming. I am looking for new members to recruit into my crew. I have been playing racing games my whole life, and I have been playing competitively for 4 years now.

We are a professional clan that has been around for about 6 months. We have a total of 80 clanmates and 40 of them are on regularly. At the moment we mostly play Destiny but when Halo Master Chief Collection, The Crew, and Grand Theft Auto V drops we will be all over Xbox One.

Right now I am trying to get more racers in my clan so when The Crew drops I can have a crew ready to play day one. I also know that everyone is trying to get the extra rewards for forming a crew through facebook. SO if you want some extra loot and join a kick *** clan feel free to message me on Xbox or post here in the forums.


Our Destiny Clan page.

Our Website

and our Facebook clan page