View Full Version : Any plans for closed beta?

10-07-2014, 07:33 AM
Hallo, i want to know if there are any plans for a closed beta and if there is information on when you are planning to start it? I know it might be a bit early to talk about this, but i think letting fans and gamers help making it more bug free (can't make it 100% bug free ofcourse) will help this game greatly, especially for releas, i mean i remember H6, that was a disaster.

Also would like to say again that i really don't want this game to rush and i really want Ubi to realise that this might be thier last chance to get it right after H6 for this franchise under thier care (if you even can call it care). This also means (in my eyes) that it should get all the resource and all the time it needs. I really think a lot of ppl prefer to wait longer then eventually not buying this game. And yeah i really think ppl are going to be more catious of buying any game from you Ubi, atleast i will.
So please think carefully about all the steps you make, and don't rush things.