View Full Version : Drivecenter.pl - forum invitation for Poles

10-02-2014, 05:38 PM
Hey guys, we want to invite you to our forum. We exist on the web since 2010 firstly as a website gathering all polish TDU and TDU2 players. Now we play many mmo racing games but our main interest is The Crew.

If you want to join the biggest polish MMORG community and talk with most committed TDU fans about upcoming The Crew feel free to check out our website and forums.


Looking for the crew? Look here: http://forum.drivecenter.pl/the-crew-ekipy/

10-26-2014, 10:48 AM
So time has passed, The Crew release date has been pushed back but we're still there :).
We even have a facebook page now with all the latest news :).


Don't forget to check out our brand new home page where our main goal is to provide You with news not only from The Crew, but also from other racing games. Although TC is still our priority.


Also, as Xarlith already said if You're still looking for a crew or willing to create a new one, You can do it right here: http://forum.drivecenter.pl/the-crew-ekipy/