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09-24-2014, 06:42 AM
Hello all,

I, along with some real life buddies, will be putting together a somewhat casual crew to roll with and amass numbers. The gist of it is that we are not hardcore players, but we do make sure to follow one very strict rule: clean racing only. We absolutely deplore the NFS World playing style that many people adopt nowadays that's more bent on ramming opponents into walls than it is about cornering and racing line.

We will, for the most part, be driving around with manual transmissions and lowered assists, with the primary goal of improving our driving skill. Within the PvP environment we want to put out knowledge of racing theory (racing line adjustments for offense or defense, braking points, leaving space for opponents on the outside/inside of the corner, etc) and our driving ability to the test outside of a simulator environment, and we would love to be surrounded by people who want to do the same. It's always so much better to be able to race wheel to wheel, corner after corner, weaving with your opponent and not being afraid that an overtaking maneuver will result in them running you into an armored truck.


Name: Crossroads
Platform: PC
Region: NA, GMT -6 (not required)
Language: English (I am fluent in Russian and semi-fluent in Spanish, but the rest of the crew aren't)
Focus: Clean, disciplined racing

Interested or have a question? Leave a comment. FYI, the account I use on the forums is not the same one I play on, just in case you're wondering.

Thanks for reading.

- Savage