View Full Version : Unlocking car parts and customizations in terms of different cars and specs

08-29-2014, 12:03 AM
This was bothering me for a longer time and before I couldn't find any informations about that so I took the current PC beta as the opportunity to check this out. There is a very big chance this won't be changed much in the final version. So if any of you were also interested in how it works, here take a look.

The upgrades we can split into three groups:

Car & Car Spec unique visual upgrades like bumpers, spoilers, hoods, etc. and also official parts like rims, interiors or color the stock car comes with. The Car Spec upgrades (bumpers, spoilers, etc.) are tied to a specific spec of specific car and can be bought at the proper spec tuner shop. The official parts can be used within the same car for different specs.

General visual upgrades. The visual customizations like colors, stickers, rims, interiors, etc. once bought can be used for all owned cars and specs. But after buying can be applied only in HQ, not in the tuner shop.

Performance parts. Those upgrades can be unlocked by completing skill challenges and missions. Each upgrade has its own level (the player's level must be at least the part's level to equip it) and it increase stats and the overall level of the car by the level of the upgrade. In addition to that there are three types of those upgrades: bronze, silver and gold. The silver and gold parts also increase the car level more by 2 (for silver) and 4 (for gold) than the standard bronze. Also silver and gold parts have a bonus for one of the four stats (acceleration, speed, grip, braking). Replaying the skill challenge or mission can give a part with different type of bonus, but it's totally random, and when unlocked part is the same as already owned, it's automatically converted to money.

Now the important thing. All unlocked parts are tied to the spec of the car they was earned. Managing them is possible in HQ. However all unequipped parts from the car they was unlocked with can be bought in tuner shop for a different car within the same spec. So after buying a new car in the same spec it's possible to level it up instantly by buying parts already unlocked on the other car.