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08-26-2014, 08:23 PM
Hello everyone,

I rarely come on here to share my thoughts because I don't like the negative vibes on alot of these forums,
I have a great respect for everyone who works hard at the office and around the globe for the game.

But I feel it's needed for me to say something.

Before the latest two patches for me the game was running perfectly,
Infact before SGDQ the marathon gaming charity with trials, There was no poor performance at all.

Since Iv'e come back there was the DLC, for the first week or two the game ran great and then there was a Uplay update which significantly lowered the performance of the game.
And then more recently the last patch has made it even worse somehow.

I play In windowed mode, I have to because I stream and use a variety of programs that require windowed mode.
I have always played in windowed mode.

(I am experiencing these issues currently with everything on the lowest settings)
I also have a really good PC, So my specs are not the issue. Please do not reply asking for my specs.
This problem is shared between most current PC players.

Current performance issues:
-Game lag spike at the start of every track for 1 second, dramatically dropping from 60 fps to 20-30 for a second or two, This makes trying to get good starts on tracks near impossible.
-Game lag spikes for 1-2 seconds when you press "B" at a checkpoint
-Game is laggy and gittery in general playing, when I stream I am never at 60fps in the bottom left, It is always 40-55.

I have heard alot of players mentioning the track "Eden" Is unplayable for them and they get 20-30 fps on it without streaming and only trials running.
It was IBlubbi who mentioned this.

Other users are also posting the problem:

Also this lag in the game is not only the DLC, the problem is persistent on all of the game.


08-26-2014, 08:32 PM
Hi Blaze,

No problem for this complain, it's fair.

The patch that decreased the performance for some players was the patch 3.1, when we introduced the frameskipper (to fix the slow motion issue). It was not expected and we didn't catch it ourselves, it seems to happen, all over the game, when the player has a high GPU and a small CPU, but I think it also happens in other configurations. However, in the next patch, we'll introduce an option to disable the frame skipper. So the performances should be back as before the frame skipper.

The patch 3.2 didn't change anything code wise except for the editor. It looks like Eden is taking much more resources than any other track previously. I don't know at the moment what is causing that (and it's not the case on consoles).


08-26-2014, 08:36 PM
Forgot to comment about the windowed mode issue: I am not sure yet why it's like that. We don't do anything differently when we are in windowed mode. I am digging into technical documentation to find a proof but I think when an application runs in windowed mode, Windows allows less CPU time for the application compared to what it gives when the application runs in full screen. I am not sure of what I am saying but that's my best guess.

08-27-2014, 02:07 AM
Thats good to hear en0, hopefully it will help.
As for the windowed mode, I mean I always used it before with no issue until last 2 updates.
Maybe its just the performance issue thats also causing the windowed mode to be bad.

But the strange thing is in fullscreen it seems to perform better