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08-18-2014, 01:48 AM

Hello drivers ! I am the founder of Espada Gaming,a multi-gaming community for PC (at the moment).

We've always played in lots of games and always made up teams and clans,but we never had that special place to create events and stuff. No more of that,as of today the website is up and running and our members are coming to create squads and have fun.

The community website is a place where all players can hang out,meet fellow gamers in a game or participate in tournaments created by us with awesome prizes.

Enough about Espada,lets talk about The Crew !

I have participated in the first beta and will surely participate in the second one because i love this game therefore i have created a squad for it on our website. I will be creating fun events and organised missions for our members so dont forget to check us out.

Whoever is looking for a Romanian/English speaking crew (english preferrably) to have fun and participate in events is free to join us.

Also if you have your own Crew and you need a place to organise your events and members,join us and request rank-up on the forums to be able to create your own squad.

Squads have : Private shoutbox,ranks (created by their leader) ,private/public news,private/public forums (your choice) etc. To keep it short : you have anything you need to organise your Crew members.

If you would like to join our official crew,feel free to apply on our website ( if you get stuck you can find instructions on the forums). More people will be showing up as old Espada members are notified that the website is up and running.

Join us! http://espada-gaming.com - Website will be updating daily as i will be adding new design & features to it. Feel free to contact me if you have any question/need help.

ALSO! If we gather enough people until the second beta we will most likely make a little fun tournament like NFS The Run (a sprint across the map,it will take a lot of time,but hell,wouldnt it be fun to be the first at the finish line after driving for one hour? i would love that !).

Best regards,Dante.

08-19-2014, 01:37 AM
Join our website, you can advertise your site once you have 5+ members in your group on our site