View Full Version : Suspension/Lowering Kit + Ideas

07-23-2014, 05:09 AM
First i have to say this game has amazing customization, graphics, and gameplay and i can't wait for the full game. However regarding customization I am not sure if the suspension mods lower the car. If anyone knows would you care to share?

Here is a list of ideas:

- More Japanese vehicles :p
- Engine swaps ( 2JZ, LS1, B18C, etc )
- Advanced Suspension customization ( Wheel Spacing, Cambering, Lowering)
- Sticker bomb vinyls, interior
- Wooden styled vinyls, interior
- Custom steering wheels, seats ( Recaro, Sparco, Momo, Mugen, Type R )
- Headlight colors such as yellow or being more specific 3k-12k bulbs
- Foglight colors
- Front bumper and rear bumper lips
- Diffusers that affect aerodynamics
- Turbochargers and superchargers with intercoolers (seems obvious but im not sure if it will be available in the full version :eek:)
- JDM kits ( Mugen, Spoon)
- Headlights and taillights
- Ability to change colors of seperate parts such as a door panel
- Ability to change the color of rims
- Ability to have no hood because the detail of the engine is amazing
- Ability to change the color of the brake caliper
- Rim size
- Tow Hooks
- Roll bars that affect weight
- Strut bars that affect performance
- Custom License plates
- Window tint
- Different looks on mods ( Like the struts changing colors maybe when you install a level 5 part instead of level 1 )

07-23-2014, 06:27 AM
This needs to be added please, give the Tuner crowed what they want!

07-23-2014, 11:46 AM
Add these features please :D

07-23-2014, 03:25 PM
YES! No matter how good the mods in the game are, you can't properly modify your car without lowering it. It's just not right when I see games that hardly let you lower your car at all, so this is a feature that must definitely be added.

07-23-2014, 05:40 PM
it would be great if they add that

07-24-2014, 08:47 PM
I was also disappointed when I saw that it was not possible to change the size of the rims.

Please, put this in the game Ubi.

07-26-2014, 06:53 PM
I would love these feature especially the engine swaps and real life licensed kits like Rocket Bunny, Varis, Liberty Walk, Mine's, Overtake, ect.

I think also being able to adjust the camber and offset would be nice too