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06-21-2014, 10:35 AM
Sony just made it easier to port mobile games to the Vita (source (http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/06/20/sony-has-just-made-it-easier-to-port-mobile-games-to-playstation-vita-tv)). I would love to see Trials on my Vita (that knock-off doesn't count). I'd much prefer a Trials game made specifically for Vita, but I'd settle with Frontier, provided you folks actually let me pay for the game and I don't need to spend 300 hours to upgrade a bike. There are some really great tracks in this game, but the fun is really ruined by the pay-wall. Keep the tracks, keep the bikes, lose the upgrades. All of them. Just give us the bike full charge as we progress through tracks and let us give you $10 or so entry fee. The feedback is in. Everyone highly dislikes the FTP model. This is a pretty good opportunity to put out a game that's already made, except tailor it for the fans. Keep the FTP model on iOS and Android, give Vita the good version of the game. The version where I feel good about giving you money.