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06-19-2014, 11:13 AM
The other day I had an issue where I lost some platinum medals that I had achieved in a previous session

Well, turns out that was nothing. A day or two ago my laptop crashed during a session of trials and I had to restart it. When I went back into the game to play It gave me the choice of local save (From about 5 days ago) or the cloud save which was 10 minutes ago. Obviously clicked on the cloud save and when I opened the game back up I had 0% completion!

BUT like last time my times are still there on the bottom right in the pop-up leader boards section (Only for the first chapter I can see because everything is locked) and I Have not a single medal to my name.

Paying for a game that I have to start over and over again was not my ideal, surely there can be some sort of fix for this considering all my times are saved somewhere!

06-19-2014, 01:02 PM
Same here i lost my whole savegame yesterday, the diffrent part on my story is: the game didn't crash over here.
So i asked my best friend google if more players faced this problem.
It seems some players did (specially ps4 players) and advised to turn off cloud synchronising, so i did.

After completing a few tracks i quited the game/uplay & steam and booted them again afterwards.
Again all data was lost except my old leaderboard times.

NOTE: I mostly quit the game when iam in the menu's using: ALT-F4 just cause it is faster as navigating back to the main menu to quit the game.
The game is installed @ D:\programs\stream\.......... & Uplay is installed @ C:\program files (x86)\........


After playing the game it updated the savegame file so i guess there is nothing wrong with the filesaving.
Since every startup without cloud synchronising was like a fresh start i had to be the file loading part where it gone wrong.

What i did:
Removed uplay from my computer since i already lost my savegame i also deleted the savegames he keeps after uninstalling.
Installed Uplay on in the same folder as steam (d:\programs), logged in on uplay and disabled cloud synchonising.
After driving the first training program i quited the game (ALT+F4)/uplay/steam and booted them all again and my savegame loaded like it supposed to be.

Time to drive all courses again *facepalm*

06-20-2014, 07:31 AM
So what you're saying is you found a supposed fix for 'next time' so that this doesn't occur again?
But there is no solution (That we know of) that can get my old medals/completion% back?

I'm a fairly casual gamer and the next time fix doesn't really cut it for me, I'm the type of player where if this happens I get too annoyed at its occurrence that I don't want to play it again. The thought of spending all those hours again trying to get all my platinum medals back AND all those challenges really doesn't interest me in the slightest.

Thank you for your input though, for others this might be an ideal solution.

Can anyone from the game company itself offer any solution?

07-02-2014, 06:25 AM