View Full Version : [PC] no display resolutions or refresh setting in menu and game crashes

05-27-2014, 11:25 AM
Hi guys, started playing this morning so far, game buggy as hell. First off trying to set resolution in menu, says "undefined" refresh rate says " _____" rest of menu seems ok. During game play and cutseens. I Hear sound of traffic, car crashes, cops etc. No actually voice to be heard in cutscenes or game play in real world. After about 30mins, game will just exit back to desktop screen with no error messages from a crash. Can't verify files via Uplay, no option available.

System specs

windows 8.1 64bit reinstalled fresh last week
amd 8150FX @4.4ghz
8GB Ram@1600mhz
radeon R9 270x 4gb sapphire OC
OCZ vertex 4 128GB
Asus ROG crosshair V mainboard
AMD Catalyst 14.4

05-27-2014, 05:02 PM
Assuming we're talking about Watch Dogs, I got the resolution set to "Undefined" and refresh rate unshown.

I got latest nvidia drivers and I also tried deleting the GamerProfile.xml associated with the game, a new one gets created but it still gives me the same problem.... And if I change the settings manually in the GamerProfile.xml it doesn't even apply when I launch the game, the settings aren't taken in consideration


Looks like there's something else that could be controlling these settings?

Also realised that the game takes much more time to load savegames since it's bugged like this and that it lags like hell ingame :(