View Full Version : Code I won on the 24 hour console release livestream (16th of April) did not work.

05-25-2014, 11:35 AM
Hi redlynx,

I won a code for the xbox 360 for trials fusion,
However when i tried to redeem my code it said it was already redeemed.
I sent a reply to the message that gave me the code.
On the 17th I got a reply from the redlynxofficial twitch channel, It asked my location,( because the code was probably for an american xbox).
I replied back to them that i live in the Netherlands. However, that was the last bit i heard from the twitch channel.

After that i tried to contact Ubisoft support to fix my key. but they asked for a screenshot of the messages. After is sent the screenshot i did not get a reply(its been 3 weeks now)

In some other livestreams, I tried to contact J0hker and Shifty Samurai, they replied: We'll look into it. But I think they just forgot about it, because i still have no reply from them.

This forum is my final hope, can someone here help me with my trials fusion code?

Thank you in advance,


(my twitch account is also called Jorrja)