View Full Version : Sorry, but the ANBA Robot SUCKS

04-24-2014, 05:04 AM
I gone through three or four 'memory repairs' with this stupid robot and all I get are the same three or four tracks EVERY FREAKING TIME.

It's completely ruined the game for me. I worked my tail off to get the stupid Berserker and now I never race it bc the dumb a$$ robot constantly has me racing live opponents on Road to Ruin or some other fairy track.

What a waste of time, as if mobile games weren't that already.

04-24-2014, 05:30 AM
most of the people who can use anba are in the same boat, fortunately there is a fix in the works that will allow for more variety of track challenges give out, or so i hear. hang in there!

04-24-2014, 07:33 AM
It's the same problem for everyone. Either beat those runs, or spend lots of gems skipping the same run multiple times.

Road to Ruin is a good track.

04-24-2014, 10:24 AM
Yeah, I have the same issue right now on the live game, always Road to Ruin, usually matched up with this strange guy called xzamplez. :)

As mentioned, fix is on its way, I look forward to it being live as much as everyone else!