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04-15-2014, 06:50 PM
It will be possible to choose the tires from the same brand as the car ,not O.Z and other tuning wheels ?|| if I have an BMW and I want that the tires to have the BMW logo on them,not tuning ones....get it?

When you display the stats of your car ... I don't want to see this s.h.i.t : Acceleration/TopSpeed/Handling = this is s.h.i.t for kids.

CAR STATS (this is how it should look like)
Model - M3
Fabrication - 2009
EngineCapacity - 1968cm3
HP - 143
KW - 105
EuroNorm - euro4/5
Colour - black
Country - Germany

CAR STATS (shouldn't look like this)
Handling - 40%
Top Speed - 65%
Acceleration - 88%

YOU guys choose this kind of stats :
MAX POWER - 340bhp at 5900rpm
MAX Torque - 450nm at 1500rpm
DriveTrain - 4WD/AWD
**Length - 4255mm
**Width - 2456mm
**Height - 6014mm
**Weight - 1600kg
TopSpeed - 250 kmph
**0-62mph / 0-100kmph

=is good but not enough => **useless S.H.I.T

UPDATE STATS (this is how an true racing game stats should look like)
Model - M3
Fabrication - 2009
EngineCapacity - 1968cm3
HP - 143
KW - 105
MaxSpeed - 242mph/340kmph
MaxTorque - 420nm
EuroNorm - euro4/5
Colour - Black
Country - Germany

If this game will be an true,serious racing game than you have to add this kind of stats.....realistic ... not : Acceleration/TopSpeed/Handling and hot you choose it ... : weight ,length this kind of s.h.i.t players don't need.....

04-16-2014, 08:45 PM
Umm... This game is set in the US for starters so I really don't think 'euronorm' is an applicable statistic (not to mention everything should be imperial, not metric). Secondly while those numbers are nice to look at, they don't actually DO anything. The acceleration/handling/top speed stats are so EVERYBODY (not just car nuts) can know at a glance what kind of car they're getting, and can see the performance increase visually as you improve the parts. While I would love for this game to be a hardcore simulation, it ain't gonna be. Stumbling in here and circumventing the profanity filter isn't going to change that.

Instead of making demands, try and appreciate the game for what it is (or rather, what it will be).

04-17-2014, 12:59 AM
ok buddy....you're right.. is not an simulator racing game.....As an hardcore racing games fan for me those things are like regular stats....

oh well....I just posted ... when I did it I was a little upset cause I was playing nfs undercover and it was....:(((.....an good game but like is for 10 year old kids.....im like :"show some dignity"

anyway...like you said.....I like that this kind of games are coming out....soo yeah....UBISOFT bring it on....

P.S Is Ubisoft sooo I tought that they can make a change to racing games genre.....big improvements .... well ... guess we have to wait until an masterpiece will come out

I saw even racing games simulators that have issues :)

06-03-2014, 11:03 AM
As a car enthusiast and a car comunity co-owner i would like to know or sugest if its not a part in game, old school 3 peace wheels like BBS RS or OZ Futra wheels...in most games it lacks of old school wheels with polished lips...comunity loves them, not everyone is into race modifications.Dont forget the huge Stance part of the comunity...
Low Ladies comunity

Here are some famouse Stance comunity's: Canibeat, StanceWorks, StanceNation, Fatlace, SlamMedia.This is what we want to be able to do in "The Crew".

07-13-2014, 11:41 AM
soooo DAMM TRUE....that's what we want...the possibility to modify our cars to the maximum .. :)