View Full Version : OTHGH ( OverTheHillGearHeads ) poss. club/group name.

04-01-2014, 05:40 PM
This is for all you older XB1 gamers....age 30 and over.I'm Looking for racers that would rather be driving a 67 big block 427/435HP Vette rather than some tuner tin can or would like a garage filled with COPO's,Hemi's,GT350's & 500's,454 LS6 Chevelle's,GTO's,442's,LT1's rather than some super cars ( aka clown cars )

Yes this is a muscle car club first but I'm sure in the game we will have to jump in some other kind of ride to get a race/challenge done but when we have the choice it will be muscle cars all the way.So if you love Pre 75' American muscle please send me a PM.I'll be opening the club house doors ( Thread / group ) the 1st of Aug. because right now I'm a bit busy with the OTHG ( OverTheHillGang ) playing Trials Evolution* and in about two weeks Trials Fusion.So if your also a trials player we are always looking for new(old) riders.Please drop in visit our OTHG thread in the Redlynx menu under Trials Evolution till the 15th after that we will be listed under Fusion.

So if you would like to join one or both clubs please send me a PM.........Thank-you.

Trials HD and Evolution ( motorcycle stunt racing ) two of the best arcade games ever made.Give it a try you wont be sorry..........its lots-0-fun.

So for now I'm on the 360 till Aug.so if your looking for a racing friend please feel free to send me a FR......XBL GT: BOWEN BOYS 1 08
Still playing ....FM4,Grid2,NFS,F1 2012 & Nascar ( inside line ) and almost every other pre 2012 racing game.One of my fav. games for map runs is Fuel It makes The Crew map look like a park....... with over 5500+Sq miles of map to roam.So hit me up if you need a new( older) racing friend.