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08-20-2009, 12:26 AM
I have managed to get a good few tracks from people here & the official xbox site.

Has gotten a bit confusing about who did what so, thanks to everybody whose maps I played.

W Red Leader W
Reg G Reg
JediJunky UK
Flembo26 (not on yourfriends list at the moment, so have no idea what tracks I got, sorry bud)

OoOoOomonkey seems to be getting more & more ideas goin, his early tracks helped with my bunny hops & if you could combine some of those ideas (if space allows you) into 1 track, or maybe more, you will have some crackers on your hands..

W Red Leader W, your angle change on volcano has me beat going up the waterpipe.

ooO KIRKY Ooo has done some tremendous tracks, challenging (do you work for RedLynx???)

Reg G Reg, great idea putting a monster in there, quality.

Zaarock, you have burst my head, coz I am not convinced that insidious track can be done.....I think you were put on this earth to mess with us.

JediJunky UK starts of great, but I assume you have still to finish it (work in progress gives it away me finks), keep going.

MustangC83 who is doing a grand job trying to recreate the excitebike tracks.

Hangmat, your tunnel is confusing the hell out of me man....

PandaRUS you are clearly working up to something good with your first 2 efforts.

08-20-2009, 02:54 AM
Very considerate to put up your reviews of people's maps. It's always better than to spend 15 hours on a map and never hear from those who've played it.

*thumbs up*

09-04-2009, 11:42 PM
Have started my first track now, have it up for download (Mr wippy,still a work in progress mind) but having played Walton31's tracks I may as well give up, his tracks are genius.

My GT is RAMBO 1st BL00D if anybody wants to try. I have still to get to grips with the physics of it all, wanted barrells to split apart when I landed for instance, & ramps that fall apart, but haven't sussed it yet (hell, I couldn't even smash the glass, I kept bouncing off it).