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06-18-2003, 02:00 AM
While waiting for lomac, here is a little something fun.

What was your greatest atmosphere experience in a flight sim?

Mine was a couple of years ago with Janes F-15. After a couple of training missions while getting myself comfortable with the bird, I was assigned to a scud strike mission in the west part of Iraq. As soon as I heard my wingman say "Fence In", I began to sweat. The dark night, the other flights crossing my path, the tracer far away in the sky, the explosions illuminating the desert, all those radio communications . it was the first time I really felt like being there. It was my first mission in a flight simulator campaign and the feeling was amazing. God I loved that sim!!!

I got a couple more of that intensity with Falcon 4, but this one was the best.


ps: Sorry for my english ...not my native language.

06-18-2003, 02:00 AM
While waiting for lomac, here is a little something fun.

What was your greatest atmosphere experience in a flight sim?

Mine was a couple of years ago with Janes F-15. After a couple of training missions while getting myself comfortable with the bird, I was assigned to a scud strike mission in the west part of Iraq. As soon as I heard my wingman say "Fence In", I began to sweat. The dark night, the other flights crossing my path, the tracer far away in the sky, the explosions illuminating the desert, all those radio communications . it was the first time I really felt like being there. It was my first mission in a flight simulator campaign and the feeling was amazing. God I loved that sim!!!

I got a couple more of that intensity with Falcon 4, but this one was the best.


ps: Sorry for my english ...not my native language.

06-18-2003, 02:32 AM
Yes, mine was with the Iranian Janes F-15 campaign. You are correct, although Falcon 4.0 had a much better campaign, the Janes F-15 campaign was more atmospheric and made you feel more involved... the storyline made the campaign have a personal feeling and the deep valleys of the Iranian Zagros mountain range called for some insanely intense canyon banking dogfights and strike missions. Thats part of the reason why I'm excited about LOMAC, the Caucausus range /i/smilies/16x16_man-wink.gif . Although I'd love to see Eagle do a middle eastern Iranian theater with the LOMAC engine /i/smilies/16x16_man-happy.gif


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06-18-2003, 03:39 AM
F-14 Fleet Defender. At the the debriefing where you can view the events you could read: MIG-29 shot down by Dragon (or something like that). And it was an actual dragon hehe. The UFO's were nifty as well.

Seriously though i think my greatest experiences are with Falcon 4. Most realistic and intense anyhow.

For atmosphere i actually have to say Strike Commander. A game from 92-93. Wasnt very realistic if i remember it right but damn fun. It was kind of an combat-sim/rpg of sorts where you had your own mercenary F-16 squad. Was an awesome game with an awesome idea.

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06-18-2003, 05:18 AM
Wing Commander 2... when they killed my wingman i was mortified...had to get my revenge on those damned Kilrathi... then again i was only 12.

06-18-2003, 07:43 AM
Well hey, I had lost my mission in Strike commander and was dangling in the parachute after ejection.

As I looked forward, I saw my ejection seat pass by me.
Followed by my shot down plane (F-16).
And then the F-16 was followed by my killer a simple and old MiG-21 with Sidewinder missiles (bug in the game).

Man I laughed. I laughed so hard.

But don't ask why I was shot down by a MiG, don't ask.

Allright, I was to busy enjoying the death cam of his wingman, a splendid gun kill.

Board didn't allow it, so call me Sweeper.

06-18-2003, 07:55 AM
Hmm difficult to say. EF2000 and Falcon 3.0 were quite good at their time. Also Falcon 4.0 is not bad.

06-18-2003, 08:32 AM
Although Flanker 2.51 doesn't offer a good atmosphere (due to lack of communications...) I had a few greatest moments there:

Once, on a GAI mission (which I created, full realistic), me and my wingman took off (Su27s) to defend our airfield. Wingman got shot down immediately from high F16 cap. In a dogfight that followed I mannaged to shoot down 2 F16 and 4 F18. And let me repeat, it was a CAC, not BVR and I was alone. Man, sweat was just running down my pants...

But I never managed to repeat that! I did somehow shot down that pair of F16s, but then F18s with that deadly AIM7 always just teared me appart... /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-sad.gif

regards, TT

06-18-2003, 04:00 PM
In Forgotten Battles, playing Forgotten Wars:

http://forgottenwars.dyndns.org/ (An online campaign) with voice comms.

I was flying a Series 1 IL-2 along with 3 others,being covered by LaGG-3's and we had just started attacking a German tank convoy. Somehow a few bf-109's must have snuck past the LaGGs - One of the Il-2 pilots suddenly yelled "109's! Look up! Look up!" And before I could react, my engine was smoking, there was oil all over my windshield, and my elevator control cables were cut (Damn bastard was a good shot /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif ). Luckily the Il-2 pilot who had tried to warn me managed to get a few 20mm's into him and he went down in flames. At that point the LaGG's joined the fray. I don't know exactly how the rest of it went, because I was too busy trying to keep my Il-2 airborne, and looking at the map trying to determine the heading to the closest friendly territory. I radioed to my flight the extent of my damage, and told them I would try to make it to friendly lines. With no elevators and a shot-to-hell engine it was a struggle, using ailerons and rudder to keep the plane nose up, and hoping to hell that the nice trail of smoke I was leaving wouldn't attract any more attention. The engine died on me right around the front line, and I just made it /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif .

That moment when my teammate started yelling about 109's above us and I started getting shot up - I think that's as real as I want it /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif .

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06-18-2003, 04:28 PM
IL2 FB with realism at max.

Great atmosphere experience in any flight in campaign mode.

06-18-2003, 04:36 PM
In IL-2 ther's a great mission early in the russian fighter campaign. Stalingrad, 5 JU-88s and 6 (I think) He-111 inbound and not one bomb must fall on target. After the initial battle, I was alone behind the last -88, all the AI wingmen (Artificial Ignorance, very well simulated) we're miles away finishing off damaged bombers who had jettisoned their cargo and was heading home (gotta love that teamwork...). I got within range of the remaining -88, aimed for his engine/wing root and fired my last two shells, perhaps damaging the paintwork on one wing...

So I turned for a second pass, and after careful aiming and fairly low relative speed, I rammed his right wing with my rudder. His wing broke off, so did my rudder, but I was still flying. I managed to fly back to the base and land safely, which was quite an experience with the plane slipping and yawing all over the place.

I've tried ramming like that later, but it's really hard to get it right, you either miss or blow up.

But for atmosphere, struggling back to base with a damaged plane, is very exciting in all sims. I sure hope Lo-Mac won't automatically fail the mission if you crash-land or eject over friendly territory. Knowing that you can make it if you "just keep her...*gasp*...airborne...for a few miles...*gasp*...just a few more miles, COME ON!" adds alot to a game's feel and won't have players restarting the mission just because they got bruised by some missile.

I remember F-19 Stealth Fighter, if you ejected over friendly territory, the mission end-screen showed yor pilot being assisted by the winch operator into a rescue helicopter. I loved that guy!

06-19-2003, 04:55 AM
Jane's F/A-18...Coop strike hosted by the 331st Berserkers...

We were to perform a SEAD of a coastline and return to the carrier, however, after we accomplished the mission, killing some SAMS and MiGs, I was seperated from the flight, they regrouped and I was lost!

Eventually we all regrouped at the divert airfield...

Was very realistic, being one of my first flights...

I became known as Lynx the Jynx!

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06-19-2003, 05:41 AM
Mine was in one of my first coop flights in Jane's F/A-18. We had a very long (about 1.5 hours) ingress with everyone refueling and flying in formation. Over the target area I got all shot up and was missing one engine, my HUD, and a bunch of other systems. Our flight decided to head to the divert field because the carrier was too far for me to fly on one engine. I could only maintain about 250 knots. We flew for about 45 minutes, with my wingmen guiding me to the divert field.

I lined up with the runway, dropped flaps and gear (was glad to hear the gear drop) and set the engine to idle at about 1/4 mile out. When I started to descend too fast, I went to turn up the throttle and my engine flamed out. Before I figured out what was going on, I was in a ball of flame.

I totally felt like I'd let the team down - first getting shot up, then making them drag my sorry butt to an airfield, then blowing it on the landing. It really sucked!


06-19-2003, 06:03 AM
i was going to janes janes f-15 but USAF and F-18 both janes came out really well..

06-19-2003, 11:28 AM
My greatest atmospheric experience was with Falcon 3: Operation Fighting Tiger in the Kuriles theater. We were under strict ROE and ended up in a cat and mouse engagement with some Su-27s. My wingies and I dancesd with them, as we tried to spook them (not being able to shoot). Several times they would lock us up, which made for nervous moments, especially since we did not know what their intentions were.

One of my wingies got spooked and responded "I'm a dot", which meant he was buggin out. Severaltense go arounds later, the Russians decided they'd had enough and decided to bug out. I was actually sweating in that one.

The following day we flew a similar mission and this time the enemy fired on us. We were given the weapons free call and all hell broke loose.

In my timne with Falcon 3 I had many other surprises. I remember my first encounter with the experimental unmanned fighter, getting jumped while RTBing with bingo fuel, and in one mission we were getting our butts kicked when the calvary (F-14s) jumped into the fight and turned the tide.

I've flown a few other good sims - EF2000, Falcon 4, Longbow 2- but none came close to the Falcon 3 experience.


06-19-2003, 12:34 PM
For me it is probably the EF2000 campaign - awesome stuff. Of course, there is always FB too !




06-19-2003, 12:45 PM
Il-2 and Forgotten Battles, too many moments to keep track of... Wauw...

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06-19-2003, 01:20 PM
Until Lock On comes out I haven't had much experience to talk of over the last few years/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-sad.gif I've never played a game online (can you recommend any for now?).

That said though, I did put a Blackbird into full afterburner and 80-deg climb on Chuck Yeager's game some years back.

It went into Space and I couldn't control it in any way/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

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06-19-2003, 02:46 PM
Only twice have I been compelled to document a flight sim experiance - the first was on the falcon 4 forum just adter the last eFalcon release :

"The following is an account of my first really cool experience with 1.0799 - which had an rather unexpected ending...

I and my 3 wingmen were on-route on an Interdiction mission to bomb a DPRK army base in the small hours of the morning, Day 2 of the campaign.

The DPRK airforce had taken a serious beating all throughout Day 1 and had seemingly decided to spend the night in bed, the skies were full of allied aircraft and I hadn't detected a single aircraft on my previous midnight BARCAP mission.

After an uneventful cruise towards the target, I lead my flight in a decent to 8000 ft and turned inbound towards our IP - at which point my RWR informed me that instead of spending the night in bed the DPRK pilots had in fact decided to help out their air defence crews instead (!)

The sky filled with flak and almost immediately I was hit - my magic green writing disappeared, the aircraft rolled to the right and the cockpit became ominously quiet....

I immediatley hit the emergency jettision button sending 8 Mk82's and a couple of perfectly good AIM 120's earth bound and, cursing myself for not reading the in-flight engine startup procedures more carefully, I rolled the jet level with great difficulty (it seems that the flak had also removed a good portion of my left roll authority), and tried desperatley to remember how to start my engine as both my airspeed and altitude began to bleed off at an alarming rate.

OK, throttle to idle, shift J to get the Jet Fuel Starter going. Good, above the still exploding flak I can hear the steadily incresing moan of the turbine spooling. At this point it dawned on me that I didn't know which of the analogue gauges was my engine RPM ! In the post eFalcon days there was no need for me to know where this dial was, and without my hud I wouldn't know when the RPM's had reached 20%

Feeling like an idiot, I watched the terrain through the eerie green glow of my night vision goggles rise up to meet me, as I tried repeatly to get the engine to light. Approaching 2000ft, with one hand on the ejection handle, I made one last attempt to try and pull the throttle out of idle detent, and was rewarded with rising noise as the turbine began spinning up - success ! My airspeed stabalised, and then began to rise, and the likelyhood of having to walk back the 120 odd miles back to my airbase decreased, at least for the moment.

I turned to a course that would take me away from the AAA that had caused all my current woes, advanced the throttle to full , and proceeded to get the hell out of there. Contacting AWACS, I got a range and bearing to a divert field turned to the appropriate heading using my standby compasss (at least I knew where to find this instrument).

Confirming that none of my wingmen had been hit I attempted to get them to continue with the mission whilst I diverted, alas, either their protective instinct was too strong or the sight of their flight lead getting hit changed their minds about our mission, but they seemed determined to follow me to the divert field all the while replying "roger" to my radio calls to "resume briefed flight plan"!

I transited the 60 miles to the divert filed without further incident, contacted the tower to declare an emergency an set myself up for the approach. I was becoming clear that the more I reduced my airspeed the less left roll authroity I had and this was making my approach extremely difficult. Eventually I was forced to execute a missed approach and try again. My second attempt was better, but still too dangerous, and I finally set her down on my third pass, coasted down the runway, taxied to the ramp and shut down.

From this vantage point I watched each of my wingmen approach and touch down, and having ensured that we had all made it, ended the mission.

Looking at the debrief screen my rating was horrible - fair enough the target was untouched (although I thought I had done a pretty good job getting the aircraft back !), but my Pilot Status was MIA ?!!

I had been tricked !

Some sneaky DPRK commandos must have captured the base, and pretended to be friendlies so they could capture us !

Anyway despite the strange outcome this was one of the most immersive experiences I have had with a flight sim to date - thank you eTeam !


If anybody knows what if anything I could have done to make my wingmen continue the mission or to aviod being MIA please tell me."

06-19-2003, 02:47 PM
The second was my first VEF mission with my squadron in IL-2 :

War Report : 30 November 1942

Participants :
Wing Commander Puff
Pilot Officer SunBurn
Pilot Officer Slig

VEF Mission:

Base :
Leninsk (62 km to target)

Target :
German transport column at Duboviy Ovrag

Aircraft :
4 IL-2M
8 LaGG-3 S4

Good, Clouds at 1100 m

This was Puff, Slig, and my first ever VEF mission and we were all a little nervous about it.

To make matters worse, during mission loading Puff's PC began to experience problems eventually crashing while Puff was on the runway.

And then there were two....

I very nearly killed myself getting off the ground - only a timley radio call from Slig stopped me from taxiing straight into the back of the plane in front ! Damn visibility on the ground is crap in tail draggers !! Thanks again Slig !

The IL-2's were already well on there way when Slig and I realised that the guy in front of me was not going to take off anytime soon. We both cautiously taxiied round him and got airborne as quickly as we could.

We decided to forget the waypoints and take the most direct route to the target when we realised our first big mistake - neither of us could remember exactly which waypoint was over the target ! - note to self : pay more attention to the briefing !!

We were able to figure out where the target area was pretty quickly from the IL-2's radio calls and it was now a race against time to get there because of the delays getting airborne....

We were about 5-10k's from the target area when we heard the first bandit calls - the IL-2's had split up and attacked along different axis and it seemed both were being bounced almost simutaneously by several BF-109's.

Slig and I at this point had levelled off at 2000m and were screaming along at 90% throttle at 450-500Kph trying to catch up to the bombers to give them some cover. As we approached the target area I got my first contact and we began to descend towards it.

As we descended we passed through some low cloud and Slig lost sight of me. Things were happening very fast now, the sky was filled with aircraft - my contact turned out to be an IL-2 and I could see it firing at a 109 so I broke away and dropped onto the 109's six...

The controls of my Lagg were very sluggish to due to my speed and I was closing way too fast, so I pulled up into the vertical to bleed speed and came back down over the top into a good firing position, my first burst scored some hits and my second blew him to pieces !

I radioed Slig to let him know I had downed my target and was delighted to hear that he had bagged one too !

A quick turn to check my six was clear and I began looking for Slig. I saw a Lagg in a dive begin firing at another 109, a quick radio call confirmed that it was Slig. I padlocked him and cleared his six while he turned and burned with the bandit.

As Slig was closing and firing at his target yet another 109 appeared and began positioning himself on Slig's tail, I radioed Slig to break and began setting up to kill the 109 on his tail. I fired a few long range bursts at the 109 and scored a couple of hits which got his attention and made him break away from Sligs tail. Just as I was closing in with Slig still in sight in front of me a third 109 came screaming down from behind and above me fired a single burst at Slig and blew him to bits ! I was a bit stunned at the speed it had happened - he literally came from nowhere and must have hit Slig full on with a cannon burst.

And then there was one...

The 109 which had just bagged Slig zoom climbed away and I gathered my wits and concentrated on the original 109. This guy was good, he was energy fighting very well and the Lagg 3 is not the ideal fighter to take on an F series 109. Eventually I managed to grind him down got him to pop in front of me whilst he was trying to get me to overshoot, one quick burst blew him away (It turns out that the guy was JZ7-ME262 the host who had already claimed two VVS fighters).

At this point I was low on ammo, the bombers were nowhere to be seen, and I had two 109's bearing down on me. In other words, time to leave ! My engine was already beginning to overheat from my dogfight so i throttled back a bit opened the radiator and converted what height I had left to speed whilst turning for home. My engine temperature returned to normal so I got down on the deck set the throttle to 90%, closed the radiator, and proceeded to get the hell out of there !

The two 109's chased me for miles, firing at long range to try to get me to engage, and scoring a couple of hits in the process. They eventually gave up over the front line, and I continued to race for home. As I approached the base I saw a damaged IL-2 on approach, so I waited intil he has down and had cleared te runway before landing myself without incident.

The mission was logged as a blue victory, which is stange as the VVS claimed 9 ground kills from the enemy column and 3 fighters (courtesy of Slig and I !), with the loss of 2 IL-2's and 3 Lagg 3's.

06-19-2003, 02:51 PM
There are many...

Retaliator (that very old game with 2 planes) I used to play it on my neighbors PC and teach him to fly because he didn't know anything about planes /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

USNF '97 campaign with foggy harrier missions and that damn CAT-failure on takeoff which led to emergency ejection over the boat /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

EF2000 campaign with night time strike missions deep behind enemy lines

F-15 campaigns with night time strikes and low flying MiGs sneaking on my 6 with silent radar...

F/A-18 campaign with carrier landings in a damaged plane, ejections over enemy territory and the wait for an SAR bird...and those sneaky MiGs again /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

Flanker 2 carrier landings in zero visibility and landings with damaged plane (runway/carrier)

FS2002 long distance flights, night time, rain, lightnings and zero visibility at lower altitudes

Can't really pick just one because they all had/have their own moments...

Am I becoming a flight simmer or what? /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

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06-19-2003, 03:41 PM
EF2000 is still one of my all times favourites. The atmosphere was really thrilling. I had many thrilling moments, sneaking up to enemy positions through the deep valley. An I still have this clearance in my ears, the one with the nordish accent: "Trondheim, Warne - Taxi, Condor" /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif Remember that?!

I had a nice experience, in IL2(FB), when I was on a mission with my IL2 and after a successfull mission in a thunderstorm, a Me109 tried a head on. We shot at each other and the tracers flew all around my cockpit and I ducked in front of my monitor, when he suddenly exploded. All I saw was a ball of fire and debris all around me.
Then I heared a cracking sound - the rest of his fuselage had ripped off my rudder. I could barely hold myself in the air and fought for 42 minutes to get myself back to base, just to notice one of my wheels was stuck. I landed that thing on one wheel and survived (In fact, I didn't break anything else off my IL2) /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

But the most thrilling moments were surely during the many hours I flew NOE in Janes Apache Longbow2.
There was one very intense moment, when I was tasked to rescue an ejected pilot from deep within the enemies territory. Dince I loved to fly the Nighthawk, I toke the fat lady myself, leaving my computer-wingmen to clear the path. There was a lot of air activity that mission, and my other flights got downed or damaged within the first 5 minutes of the mission and I ordered the remaining helicopters back, including my wingman, who had a damaged rotor and one engine failure. So I fought my way through the enemy lines to the downed pilot. It took me 30minutes to find a gap in their defense, sneaked in and out 3 times, to rearm and refuel, before I finally managed to get to the pilots position, just to spend at least 15min to find him in the darkness. After I had him aboard and sneaked back, just to find, the enemy had moved other units to close the path I had come through. I was trapped...
I tried to find a way out, but an enemy offense had taken place and they'd cut me off. Flying on reserve, I realized I had to fight my way home and after chosing the path carefully I moved forward, almost sneaking. I shot several units, then concentrated on the AirDefense, but the Hellfires were out soon and I had to make a decision: Strand here and hope for rescue or daring a homerun.
I ran - hell I ran. I flew a few hundred yards back, to gather speed, then rushed through the valley at max-speed and at 9-12 feet altitude. Traces flew all around me, my copilot threw flares and chaffs almost constantly and warned me about always new units coming in range.
We got terribly messed up, damaged almost every system aboard, but I made it home. This was some hell of a mission and it took me more than 2 hours!


06-19-2003, 04:08 PM
wow alot of u are over doing it on the paragraphs.

Man i remmember janes f-15 manual was like 150pages for both, advance playes and basic.and the advance was like really learning the radar system and how to work it in the game with ur mouse..(holy F***)..

I had down but i forgot it all now its been so long since i played it.>

I never got to play janes F-18 but i seen it.I dont know if the radar was the same or if it was cheap like Usaf..

06-19-2003, 04:21 PM
I had just finished an airfield strike in falcon4, the place had been trashed by all the aircraft in the package.

After my high speed durandal run I was egressing when i noticed a mig-19 was stalking another F-16. I moved into position and launched a sidewinder that hit the mig-19. The aircraft was still flying so i switch to gun and followed it into a gentle right turn at it's high 5.

As i line up I see the canopy jettison, and then the pilot eject - right into my flightpath. I try to get out of the way but collide just as the enemy pilot's chute begins to unfurl.

betty starts *****ing WARNING WARNING as i hear the engine flameout. The cockpit looks like a christmas tree and I can hear the muffled screams of the North Korean pilot. I am forced to eject.

I walked away from that one grinning http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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06-19-2003, 05:01 PM
One that I remember from long ago ..... Microprose Strike Eagle III .... in grad school, me and another guy in my lab hooked up a couple of our brand new 486 machines via serial port. Best way to test out new machines you know. Fortunately our advisor was a huge aircraft buff and agreed with this line of thinking.

Anyways, flying into N. Korea on a bombing mission, me equipt for the air to ground strike and buddy setup for air to air role. We both start out low and on the deck to avoid the radar ... using the mountains as cover. This only lasted so long before we picked up enemy aircraft. My wingman darted up to fly CAP as I continued my low approach. He took care on the first wave of aircraft as I made my run on the power plant. After a successful strike, we joined back up to egress together encountering another flight of hostile aircraft and then successfully returning to base.

Not near the quality of todays sims but still good memories!

06-19-2003, 06:12 PM
Probably the first time I flew in Flanker 2.0. Flying north over Yalta at dusk with the distant airport lights shimmering on the horizon - I thought that it couldn't get any better than this!

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06-19-2003, 06:50 PM
My only flight sim so far has been Jane's USAF. Favorite missions were the first mission in the Gulf war missions. The mission was to just take out all enemy aircraft. I always had to chase this one mig29 that wussed out and took off. One time I got wasted so badly before I got to him I had no missles and I was trying to hit the sucker with guns. Unfortunately I really sucked with guns and was on empty after a while. I tried getting my wingmen to go after him but USAF's wingmen were kinda slow. Also they were really far behind me so I lured the mig in to attacking me and I turned around and started heading back towards my wingmen. Then when my wingmen finally got in range, they took out the mig who was trying to get a free kill on me.

Another mission from USAF I love doing is one of the single missions. One where you are suppose to do a training excercise and lead 3 other F15s to the tanker and refuel. Then all of a sudden Air Force One is calling for help because some MIG29s are trying to intercept and bring it down. Then you and your 3 wingmen have to kill off like 10-15 migs. That was a fun mission. I wish it would work on WinXP now. Go figure. My old system ran USAF choppy but my new system doesn't use FAT32 as the file system so it won't run http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

Can't wait for lo-mac.

06-19-2003, 10:11 PM
I LOVE those stories! Keep 'em comming!

06-20-2003, 11:44 AM
Best mission ever was probably the very first in the Flashpoint Korea addon for Longbow I. This addon had lifted the game to new heights with various new features, which was a great experience (imagine you love a game, and then an addon comes out that simply makes it much, much better).

So the setup for the theatre was, that the NK army had gathered a huge army in preparation for an invasion of the south. Your mission was to protect a convoy of M1's racing to the frontline to strengthen the US positions there. The whole atmosphere of a war that is about to start, the tanks actually driving on a road over 3D terrain (which had never been represented so well in any previous sim), the many radio calls (especially the sudden warning calls about incoming enemy fast movers)... it was really incredible for its time.

There are lots of other sims that I enjoyed, with various great missions each. But this one really sticks out for me.

- Caretaker

06-20-2003, 12:04 PM
FS2002 It really makes me feal like an airline pilot. /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

"The Peacock will be on time, fan his tail."

William Frederick "Bull" Halsey

06-20-2003, 10:41 PM
For most flight simmers, returning home with a seriously dammaged plane is always a blast... until you notice that your gear are not working anymore.

The best story are always related to insane survivors stories (even better if you were flying online and your wingmen are there to talk about it later)

06-20-2003, 11:36 PM
Coming back from a sucessful escort in JF-18. Still some good 150nm to go. Fuel: enough. Until a pair of Su-27s show up. Wingman is winchester, I have one AIM-9 and about 100 cannon rounds. No problem, we'll just sneak right by. We get down to NOE, radar off, monitoring them through AWACS datalink. 20nm, they don't see us, we're not on a collision course. 10nm, still good. 5nm, good. 4nm, they turn into us! Quickly, I pull up, and let the winder go off. It hits and destroyes a Flanker. I quickly offset to the left, as I know I'm about to get launched at. Sure enough, an AA-11 is sent my way. I do my best break turn, but the bastard still tracks for a major hit. I tell my wingman to engage. He quickly slides behind the Flanker, but he is winchester. No problem though, the Flanker is busy with defensive maneuvers, and gives me time to troubleshoot.

Not good, and not bad... average. Right engine, gone, more or less. Bleed air leak, and getting hot, up to 1200? already. Well, still have soem 500? to go until a fire, but better shut it down now. Left engine, on the other hand, is great! I turn into the Flanker, and slide behind him as he's still busy with defensive BFM. It takes full burners on one engine to keep up. Finally, I get a shot off, and he's damaged too. I'm worried about fuel.

Luckily, he decides he had enough, and starts to run away. Good. No wait, he's running away in the wrong direction!! He's running toward our boat! I can't take detours with my low fuel state, single engine, so I have to follow. I keep a lock on him. After about 30nm, he decides to turn back. No problem I think, he wants to run, he'll just fly under us and continue running. Well, no. He decides to engage again. After some more single-engine BFM (easier now, he was damaged too), I get some shots off, and in the process, become winchester. Very low fuel state. He is severely damaged by now; he must be! I decide to try to run. It works, and he runs the opposite way.

Very low fuel state. With my current profile, I won't make it. I change the profile; still not good. I'll be 50nm short of the carrier when the engine spools down. Ah, I guess that's not too far for SAR. Wait a second! I'm sure there was a tanker somewhere around here! I haven't even thought of that! Sure enough, 30nm away, a tanker awaits. Unfortunately, now I have to perform aerial refueling; that's always fun! Not! After 15 minutes of connects and disconnects, I get enough fuel for 2 passes at the carrier. Single engine landings are not easy. I touch down on the fantail, and taxi forward to catch the 1 wire. The egress took twice as long as the ingress! Damn Flankers and refueling! Took almost an hour to just get back.


On the next mission in that campaign, the worst moment presented itself. I came back over the home waypoint, with a lot of fuel and no damage. As I was setting up for a controlled ejection, I looked out the right side, and saw a formation of ships, but I didn't see a big ship, with a "runway" on it. Damn Tu-22s. /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-sad.gif

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06-21-2003, 12:53 PM
My most memorable sortie... well there's plenty of those but I guess some stick out...

Warbids, the terrain was the old Mediterraenean.

I looked at the radar a couple of moment, spent some time figuring out what my squadmates were up to, and where they were fighting, finally I decided to take off from F18 to F16 flying a Bf-109G2/R6 and taking my regular ammount of fuel, somewhere near 70% (this makes sure I've got 50% fuel left when approaching the target area, and that means I can be there for like... 20 minutes or something, and still have enough fuel to take a detour back home). So I take off, hear that there's a squadron mate around fighting some La5's etc, I decide to head off there for a start, climb to 3500m level off and set course... my squaddie manages to shoot one La5 down, I arrive and shoot the other La5 down, no big deal, he was fixed on my squaddie and didn't move an inch while I lined up for a shot. My squaddie calls his damage, fuel state and ammo state and says he'll return to base, fine I'm out there in my G2R6, still have plenty of ammo and haven't even gotten to that 50% of fuel that marks my target area ingress... ok, so I decide to climb a bit, I level of somewhere at 4500m, and continue flying to F16. I arrive there and see there's this huge metallic object lifting off, that must be a B-24J, I look around if there are no contacts around that might prove to be dangerous to me, and after careful consideration I decide to go in, there is no threat I can see of, and that bomber's got enough eggs to severely damage my home base (or any other base) so I start a gentle dive, set throttle to idle, and follow the B24 a bit, once he's gotten outside of the direct vicinity of F16 I go for the more direct approach, speed nearing 600kmh now, my plane starting to compress I decide to go the last 2000m directly, and at 25% throttle, I go in, line up, feel my plane shaking, the needle says some 700 or 750kmh can't remember exactly, no pitch modification possible... damn, right when I was lining up for this shot, I'm still a bit far away, I close my throttle a bit, realign, go in at 650, start to shoot from 500 yards, see his wing fall off, and whoof one more kill, I climb up using WEP and turn towards F18, ammo's somewhere near 60 or 70% and I decide to be some sort of a "fighter screen" in between F16 F18, and soon enough an F6F catches my attention, I'm high enough, and he's the only thing I can see around, I go in, and he turns, fine I say, I start an energy fight, another guy from my side joins in, and forces the F6F to change tactics a bit, this gives me the opportunity to engage the F6F in a moment that he's unprotected, blam, another kill... still some ammo left, didn't really sprayed ammo ro take any risks, and fuel 's getting a bit lower, but I'm still safe, but I go a bit closer to F18 just in case, I set course and notice a low P38 probably heavily loaded sneaking up to F18, I think that's threat enough to give up my altitude, and I'm pretty close to base anyhow, yet again there's nothing in the vicinity, I think, so I go down, and start the play... the P38 drops his load, and starts a fight, he's on the defensive, but I've got too high of a speed (compression) to be able to instantaneously engage in the combat with full effectiveness, I get eager, and throttle back too much, my speed drops too low in my opinion, but I hang in there, all of a sudden I see bullets flying around my cockpit, damn someone joined the fight, I look back to see this F4U, I start some defensive ACM, and manage to get on the tail of the P38 long enough to pull a shot off, he goes down, but while doing that a Spitfire and another P38 joined the fight as if that wasn't enough a Hellcat decided that that one enemy was worth the attention of four enemies, damn, I was stupid enough to get into the turning part of aerial combat, so I'm low on energy and have no option but to keep turning... the Spitfire and Hellcat both are essentially easier turners than my 109 and the P38 and F4U can fill the gaps when I try to switch tactics... so I send out a "distress signal" I call my squaddies, ask them who's available, and who's near... promet calls out he's near there, he sets course, and arrives in a head-on course with one of the attackers, (all these attackers stalking me while I scissor and turn, crawling slowly to my field), too bad the angle was not ideal, but it cought the attention of the other guys, so they start a fight, with my squad mate, he kills two of them (he's a great pilot) and manages to cover my retreat, I land... and damn... my stick is all wet...

that was the most intense moment, and a great atmospheric one as well...

(it's been a year ago, might be some facts have been twisted by my mind a bit, was not sure on the types of planes but they rang a bell, could be there were 5 targets chasing me, and that I ddin't shoot down the initial P38, I found out later that these pilots weren't rookies either, they were seasoned veterans, most of them in the same squadron)


hope I didn't bore you

{JG13} Maj. Zembla
Fenris Jasta CO

Throw a little gasoline on the fire


07-05-2003, 08:06 AM
I thought your English was just fine.

My favorite sim moment has been Flanker2.5 and what it has been for me.
I have come along way since Microprose's F15 for Atari.

I too liked F15 strike Eagle from Janes.

I really enjoy Russain Aircraft. Thanks to the Russians who put such a Kool game together!

Oh yeah...............................

At 40 years old.....All I can think of is....

2.HOTAS Cougar with Rudder Pedals.....
3My Gibson Cherry Sunburst Les Paul......

It just doesn't get any better than this.

Kalifornia Marc

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"May you die in the virtual skies and not in your sleep"

07-05-2003, 06:53 PM
Back in the dim days of 33 Hz PC's Tornado was then and still is the only experience that left me breathless. I have been looking for that experience since.

It was with the Gulf campaign add-on that I found myself part of a dawn multi aircraft (6 aircraft) strike on an airfield using the JP233 system. Any one that knows how the tornado's split then converges over the target separated by time in seconds will understand. My target was left hand 36 runway, my number 2 had the runway across my path (at 90 degrees) 3 and 4 had HAS and ammo dumps as there target they were running in at about 45 degrees from my run. 5 and 6 were coming from the other direction, to take out the R hand 18 runway and control tower all at 550 kts 200 feet.

From IP to target I was on track, speed and time (so were all my wingmen . where have those days gone?) having accelerated to 550 kts. As I approached the target I let off some anti-radiation missiles from about 8 mile out. At 0.5 miles I could see the other aircraft converging on the target. No 2 went down the perpendicular runway leaving a trail of bomb lets behind I let my load go as we hit the threshold. Couldn't see 4 and 5 at his point. But all around there were explosions and AAA tracer then I could just make out a trail of explosions coming down the parallel runway towards me. Then flash- flash -flash of the other aircraft all around me and hard turn to the left and out with SAMs going off and tracer crisscrossing wildly all around and the "target in ruins" and running away bravely back to base with having to dodge some more SAM sites and fighters . to this day that is the only flight in a sim that has done that. WHEW !

07-06-2003, 08:51 AM
EF2000 followed by Jane's F/A-18 (yes...the radar in Super Hornet is just as "advanced" as the one in Strike Eagle).

Flying a SEAD strike on Bodo. Armament? 2 LRAAMs, 2 AMRAAMS, 2 ASRAAMs, BL755s and ALARMs...After going fence in my wingman and I head for the deck, flying at the speed of heat. The AI escorts (for once!) do a decent job neutralizing the CAP so we have a clean shot at the Airfield. 20 miles out I pop off an ALARM in "loiter" mode, saving the other for later. At about 10 miles out I Pop up so the ADA boys will lock me up and give my ALARM a target.

My wingman is doing the nasty to the base defenses (the AI gods favored me that mission) so I roll in to help. Check the missile view and see my ALARM heading for a ZSU-23/4...1500ft, wings level, five miles from target; watch the Shilka experience death from above...See two Su-35s sitting at the end of the runway...Pop-up to 4000ft; roll-over and fire my last ALARM at an SA-6 trying to ruin my post-mission plans...While dancing with the SA-6 the Sues make it into the air! Padlock the trailing Sue, pull hard left; got the lock and SPLASH! One high performance Russian interceptor becomes the worlds most expensive flaming lawn dart! Now...Padlocking the lead Sue I continue to pull through and Roll Right...Afterburn on and slip in behind him as he turns in on my wingman...Switch to Slammer, center the Box and SPLASH TWO! Roll out and head for home, taking one last look at Bodo...Notice that the flight line is full of Su-35s and one A-50...I've got two BL755s left...Should I do it? Why not? Manuever for a parallel path to the runway, line 'em up and pickle my last two Cluster Bombs on all those pretty aircraft...Off to the South; Look over the shoulder and watch the pretty lights!

It was a quiet ride home...GRIN

Out of missiles; out of bullets...Switching to harsh language!

WAR is my business and business is Good!

07-09-2003, 03:10 AM
Mine was when I flew the full motion simulator for the B2 bomber at Whiteman AFB in Missori /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

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