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01-15-2014, 04:27 AM
Ok, so perhaps I'm later to this but I thought I'd post it up anyway.

Rhythm Path for Easy Come, Easy Go!

The finger placing isn't correct, to me anyway.


The arrangement has you moving fingers around so the first chord is your normal E chord but then the second chord has you shifting fingers and the third shifting again.

It seems to me the index finger should just stay on the G string as an anchor, you slide the index finger to the 2nd fret G and move finger 2 from A to D on the 2nd fret, then swing finger 3 down to the B string 3rd fret.

Then just strum with the song.

It took me about a third to half way through the first time to get sufficient notes to catch the shift and then it raised up to purple as I got to the end and got the pattern down. I played it a second time and just had trouble with keeping the strumming at the right point in the song. :)

Anyway, just an observation.


01-15-2014, 04:34 AM
So this is DLC?

Then I think it goes in the DLC forum.

...and I dunno about the finger placement... I have not messed with this song. I'd have to spend time to see where my fingers ended up by the time I was comfortable with it. Believe it or not it does change as I learn a song, and I don't just mean because more notes are being shown. I mean given all the notes for the get go, I still change finger positions sometimes as I get comfortable with the changes.

...that I sometimes don't do the same song the same way each time...

I guess I'd say find what works for you ... the finger positions shown are just suggestions.

01-15-2014, 06:15 AM
To be honest I never even pay attention to how it recommends I should finger it unless I get stuck. In this song I had it mastered pretty quickly never using an anchor finger. The chord shifts are slow enough that I can move my fingers without slipping. I do see what you mean though, it's just a nonissue on this song. I do love the B'z though. I'd really like to learn Bad Communication, give it a listen, it's a pretty fun song:


01-15-2014, 04:08 PM
The observation is that at the start of the game, lower note levels, you're getting the three chords only as they change and not the strum patterns. So the indicated fingering should be accurate so you can be prepared when it starts coming quickly. Changing from the first chord (E major) to the second as you might normally play it to the second chord using the second and third fingers in reverse of the E chord fingering and then twisting again for the third chord. When anchoring the index finger and just shifting the fingers makes it a much simpler song to play.

But yea, that's what I was doing. I was fingering as shown since there was time between the chord changes. But once the strumming started, you had to shift quickly to get from the E to the next chord then from it to the third chord. Until I had that epiphany moment and simply left the index finger on the string and shifted.