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01-12-2014, 12:58 PM

Racingstyle: Casual to Professional
Preferred Cars: Tuner
Recruiting: Yes
Website: http://laterfire.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TeamLaterFire
Facebook: http://facebook.com/LaterFire

As many others we want to be the best Crew in The Crew Game. Our Crew is pretty themed. We want to impress with visual stunning cars, having outstanding vinylwork and decent racing skills in all competitions. Like many Racing Teams in the real world, we want to archive something similar.

Earn reputation. Get known in the world.

Q & A

What is our Style?

Our Racingstyle goes from Casual to Professional Streetracers, but one thing is for sure. We dont do racing just for fun. We want to win.

Do you require a Crew-Logo or a special Vinylwork?

Neither we require a Crewlogo nor we want to force our members to make their cars look like clones. We like to have individual cars with individual drivers. Though when it comes to Vinylwork or visuals, the cars of our crew shouldnt be something thrown together in a rush and of course our cars should look associated to each other in some ways (Colorsheme and Overallstyle) but thats yet to be discussed. We endorse our members to spend some work on their visuals, and if necessary give them a hand.

Are you open to all Car-Groups?

We considered that, but as you might have noticed, our site-layout is based on an Import-Tuner, and thats the way we doing it. So bring your Import-Tuner.

What about Muscle Cars or Exotic Cars?

As I said, we are pretty Tuner-focused. But if you can proof that you are a decent driver with your muscle car, and of course if it looks stunning, you are also in!
About Exotic Cars. I am not so sure...

To be honest. A luxury car doesent really fit our style

Are you challenging other Crews?

Of course. Thats what we really want to do! And we also accept challenges. Hopefully we can race against many crews.

What about internal Events?

We have a forum called Race Days (http://www.laterfire.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=25) were we shedule internal racing events. We want to have fun in friendly races, and of course train our skills.

Are you limited to US / UK Users only?

Definitely not. We are open to everyone, but have in mind our main-language is english. When the time passes, we consider adding some native language forums, so the Crew-Members can talk in their own language too. Thats all in the future for now!

Do you have any requirements?

You have to be active on our site.

So if you want to join a Crew with a professional appearance, dont hesitate to register on our Crew Site and post up an application. Of course you can ask questions here, but applications are only accepted on our site

01-13-2014, 06:59 AM
Really hoping that there are enough Japanese cars in The Crew.

If not, still going to show others what is R34 and Z34 made of. ^^

06-14-2014, 01:47 PM
Sup teammates? ;)