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12-24-2013, 02:29 AM
What ideas do you have for AC5?

Personally, for environment, I would like to see:

-a CROWDED city. Preferably someplace exotic. For all its flaws, Revelations' Constantinople was by far my favorite setting of any of the games. Ubi truly excels at bringing the environment to life, so they should choose remarkably vivacious and full of life. Constantinople was perfect. Venice and Florence were very good, but they didn't have the culture that Constantinople has. Damascus, Jerusalem, and Acre were good, but the technology wasn't nearly then what it is now, so there really is no fair comparison. The rest of the Italian cities were decent, but were just too empty, and too monotonous for me (Rome included). Boston and New York were well done, but the gamemakers' efforts were in vain, because the places themselves just weren't that exciting visually, and the environment just really didn't lend itself to the freerunning (technically it's all parkour, not freerunning, fyi) of an Assassin's Creed game. The same thing with Kingston and Nassau. All these places are really cool places, don't get me wrong, but it's hard to be an assassin when all the roofs are slanted and don't go higher than twenty feet. It's the same problem with the Caribbean. The place is BEAUTIFULLY done. It is absolutely stunning to look at, the physics are astounding, and the environment is fresh and varied, but it isn't a place for the cloak and dagger of an Assassin's Creed game, and if there is one thing that fans seem to agree on, it is that we need MORE cloak and dagger. Now, I will make an exception of the jungle, as this was an environment that did work for stealthily slaughtering people.

However, all digression aside, the moral of the story is that Ubi should stick to what they're good at. They are amazing at creating environments that bring a period of history and culture to life. Therefore, they should maximize the cultural abundance in their next setting. Constantinople was "the crossroads of the world", so it was a giant, beautiful amalgamation of different cultures. The colors and feel of the city were perfect, and I think that Ubi should try to emulate this. A couple things that I think they should add would be:
-MUCH more people. Crowded streets that it is easy to blend in with, so you can truly be 'a blade in the crowd'
-Vary the architecture styles and angles as much as history would allow to be plausible.
-Just a general rule-the more variety, the better. Monotony is the achilles' heel of every great open-world

Yinxu, during the Shang Dynasty
Babylon, around 2000 B.C.
Carthage, 200 B.C.
Pataliputra, 500 A.D.
Baghdad, 900 A.D.
Edo, 1400 A.D. (this kind of goes against the whole variety thing, but I think it would be cool nonetheless)

Now on to gameplay:

As a freerunner, I have always been critiquing the parkour of Assassin's Creed games, and I have not always been too pleased. There is a general theme to AC parkour that diverges from reality, and that is the fact that the assassin's are always vertically oriented, i.e. standing straight up. Movements in parkour involve people changing their orientation to fit the situation, whether that involve diving, rolling, spinning, or flipping (yes, there are practical applications to these latter two). The assassins in AC are almost always upright, with the exception of the occasional roll. The movements should be more animalistic. Also, please try and remove the right angles. Seeing someone actually take a three step tic-tac (wall run) on a wall and then kick off directly to one side in a perfect 90 degree angle makes me want to cringe, because it is both inefficient and impossible. And, last but not least, these guys are HUMANS, not superheroes. Any rockclimber will tell you that it is beyond even the realm of plausibility to throw yourself from one hold to another that is eight or nine feet above it. I get these are games, but try and limit our climbing prowess to a point where there's at least a chance of it being possible. And make it so that I have to climb around to get to the top of a building, not just close my eyes, hold RT and point the joystick up.

MAKE IT HARDER! It is still way too easy to just slaughter everybody. Give us even less health, shorter windows for counters, and enemies that attack all at once. Make combat something that we avoid not just for synchronization or for bonuses, but because it actually wouldn't be a viable option for large groups. Make it so that we can't block every attack, and bring back dodging, just so that we actually have to know which attacks we can block and which ones we have to dodge. For example, have light and heavy attacks like in AC 1, so that we can doge but not block the heavy ones, and block but not dodge the light ones. Countering from dodges would be great as well. Also, don't give so much windup for attacks. I don't know if any of the developers have ever been in a fistfight, but trust me, it doesn't take a full two seconds to throw a punch, and I can't imagine that it would to swing a sword. Also, for empty-handed combat, make it more refined and technical. Connor's bruising was cute, but mix in some more jujitsu (standing holds and locks are part of traditional Jujitsu, and these are what I am talking about). Make it look more like a trained killer is fighting, and less like a street thug. If the time fits, bring back craftable explosives. That was probably my favorite gameplay element of Revelations. And new tools, please. I'm somewhat tired of swords. Something like Adewale's machete would be nice, or maybe a sickle, or a double-sided sword. Hell, even a shield. Just make it something new, something exciting.

Stealth/Eagle Vision:
AC4 did a better job with stealth than the rest of the games. Add a lot more people in the streets so that we can actually blend in with the crowd. However, a good way to mitigate the effect of this mechanic would be to make it so that once a guard is suspicious of you, blending is impossible, or only slows the rate at which his suspicion meter fills, until he investigates, at which point blending no longer works. Just make it so that we actually can be a blade in a crowd. And add a crouch button, or at least make it so that we can contextually crouch behind cover. Maybe make it so that enemies can hear our footsteps when we aren't crouching, but so that every enemy becomes suspicious of us if they see us crouching. Maybe add some traps. Bring back tripwire bombs (if they weren't in AC4, I don't remember). Maybe make it so that we can set snares that will hang an enemy with a rope dart if he trips it. Add some ways of diverting an enemy's attention from where you are, like the rocks in Far Cry 3. Other than that, I thought stealth was much improved from previous iterations. Just make combat harder so that stealth actually becomes a necessary asset and not just something we do for achievements or for the hell of it.

The character depth and variety of AC4 was fantastic. DO NOT GO BACK TO ANOTHER BORING, SULLEN TOOL LIKE CONNOR! Give us somebody with some personality. Maybe someone who wrestles with the moral implications of what they do, or someone who maybe identifies a little bit with the Templar's views, and is trying to figure out who is right. Make the good guys more bad and the bad guys more good. I am a firm believer that quality of a story is measured in large part by the moral ambiguity of it's characters. There is no good vs. evil, only the ends vs. the means. Don't have the kind of cookie cuuter, good guy-bad guy plot that so many games have. And make the story have a broader scope. We want to play a definitive roll in global history. Have us assassinate great leaders that died mysterious deaths in reality. Have us take part in more events that are known to every educated person. Generally, Ubi does a good job of this, but rarely hurts to increase the scope of a story. Most importantly, have what you do make an impact on your environment. If a decisive battle for a city is won, more should change than just the color of the guards' uniform. Change the volume of the citizens, make them louder when they are happier, and put more of them on the street. Put renovation mechanics back in, and make the structures more grandiose and colorful after they have been renovated. Let us have an impact on our environment, one that is not just noticeable, but impossible not to notice. More assassinations never hurts. However, make it so that we can gather intel on our target, or maybe rig an area that we know he will be before hand. Something like the prerequisite missions in AC 1, except make them optional and have them contain useful information. Make it so that we can't just go up and stab an important official that is surrounded by a bodyguard detail. Make it so that we need to do preparation.

There is a lot more I could say, but this is already way too long, and I'm not trying to write a dissertation. Let me know what you think, or any other ideas that you have.

12-24-2013, 03:08 AM
-a CROWDED city.

Yep. If they're going to push social stealth on the next-gen, we need MORE freaking people around. Getting away from the colonial period and sparse North American settlements would help this.