View Full Version : Backup savedata isn't recognized

12-23-2013, 08:46 PM
I purchased AC4 about 2 weeks ago, built up about 20-30 hours game time and around 70% completion. I recently purchased windows 8 so i decided to backup my save data and formatted my PC. After installing W8, i reinstalled AC4 and moved over my save data. The folder path is the same, everything is the same as before and yet when the game launches all it will let me do is start a new game. What's the deal? Why can't it recognized a simple save data that i moved over.

After testing a few times with new saves, backing them up and moving them back doesn't work because the game doesn't want to recognize the save in game. Cloud sync is off and my data isn't corrupt. This seems like a pretty big blunder to me. :(

With yearly releases and the decline in story from AC games as well as unsure if i should purchase for PS3 or PS4 or at all. However with the holiday's i figured why not and fell for the games marketing hook line and sinker. At this rate unless i can somehow recover my save data i don't think i'll ever buy another ubi game. Ruined PoP and slowly ruining AC :(

I hope someone on the forum is able to help me because i gave up on the ubi support line after 90minutes on hold and my question to tech support hasn't been answered. Kind of feel as if i wasted a lot of time for nothing, is there any way to get a refund? :(