View Full Version : Maintenance 17/12/2013 & Patchnotes

12-16-2013, 05:22 PM
Dear Champions,

We will host a 2 hour maintenance tomorrow from 2pm to 4pm UK time.
Please find the patchnotes below.

Bugs corrected:
A Glyph-Carved Golem with Fire Ward no longer dies from Soulfire when its attack gets higher than 5.
Fire Burst now correctly triggers after Life Drain.
Sayama Predator: Fixed the Ability so it only affects friendly creatures.
Focused Mind: 'Focused Mind' now correctly prevents 'Ur-Khrag Enforcer' Berserk ability.
Challenge Hall no longer prevents friendly creatures from attacking.
Phased creatures on the front line no longer prevent enemy creatures from attacking the back line.
Adar Malik's special ability no longer resurrects creatures which died/were discarded during his last turn, and not only during his opponent’s turn.
Issues with sending a Challenge to a friend now fixed.
Some issues with Swiss Tournaments not launching have been fixed.
Path of the Ancestors effect no longer stays active if there are several Path of the Ancestor events in a row.
Small Packs now give Wildcards with a 3% probability instead of 30%.
Fixed an issue with the Wolf Captain not dying and going under 0 hp under certain circumstances.
The achievement "Not the End of the World" (Cast Armaggedon and have at least 1 surviving creature left on your side) now work with a Moonsilk Spider on the board.
Fixed an issue with the game not stopping and continuing for one or more turns even when killing the opponent