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12-16-2013, 08:13 AM
Hi new to the boards and this is probably a long shot, but I divorced from my wife a couple of years ago. One of the agreements we had was for her to give me my belongings, which included many game collectables. One of them being AC2 Black Collectors edition.

I have the game, however in my old room/office I had the box with the figure and book etc. Turns out she sold all these, God knows for how much, but I've been desperate to get it back, buying on eBay, but the last one went for more than I can afford. Does anyone know of any other place where I could get this?

She also sold my Splinter Cell Conviction collectors ed. Which I've managed to source the figure only on eBay, due to be posted this week.

We kept our own debts, and I signed her the house over, so that I could get the rest of my things and regular access to my daughter.