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12-10-2013, 09:26 PM
Although the game doesn't allow for a difficulty function, here is a few ways I've found to make the game more difficult and enjoyable to mature gamers.

Limit the hud: I like to have everything off except character icon and health. This way, the game doesn't have so many guides to make the game so easy.

In combat, soldiers attacking won't have the red icon above their head and you won't see grenades rolling around, unless you watch the guys you are fighting much more closely. One downfall is not seeing snipers aiming at you and grabbing a guy to body shield, but you can usually figure it out after being shot once. Detection while sneaking can still be seen on the color of the character icon but not icons popping up over guards head, and I think it makes the stealth more rewarding. Also, not having the mini map makes finding treasure and other collectibles much harder, but you can still hear their tingle when you are near them so not at all impossible. Lastly, using the eagle vision more helps with sneaking around and finding targets which makes this a much more central part of the game

Limit the Upgrades: I like to keep my ship and eddy upgrades to a minimal.

With Kenway, I like to have only one armor upgrade, this makes combat all that more intense when you only need a few strikes to go down. It makes me avoid large battles alone using stealth and even running and hiding from combat. When Kenway is fully upgraded he is unstoppable and never has any need to worry about combat, it's often the easiest way to get things done instead of using stealth.

With the Jackdaw, I have very minimal damage with all of my upgrades. It's easy to calculate how much damage you do by looking at how many cannons you have and the rate of damage for each. Mortar are an absolute terror, so I have them still locked. My broadside has lots of cannons (cause I love firepower), but they only do the beginning damage of 40, with sixteen cannons that's only 640 if I land all shots. I do have decent armor which allows me to stay in the fight longer, but taking down a frigate or man' o war is much more difficult endeavor and takes real tact to succeed. Lastly I have my harpooning boat only upgraded on amount of harpoons I have, but everything else is at the same as starting, so whaling is much more difficult and must be done without fault.

All of this can be changed to how you want to play the game. For me, this has made the game much more challenging and more rewarding when I accomplish tasks, instead of running through one to the next.

12-24-2013, 08:59 PM
Once you get far enough in the game, I would add: "All men sail on four."

Keep your wanted level at four and never lower it. The Hunters don't interfere with the main story missions, but they will add some fun 'pressure' to your other activities at sea.

Do this long enough, and Kenway's fleet will be full of Lvl 60 MOWs.