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11-28-2013, 05:35 PM
What if the modern day protag "you" is actually a sage as well? Now before things explode with people saying that's a stupid theory here me out first :)

1.The database tells that sage's are born every 10 to 100 years But is a rare occurence that 2 are born in the SAME era or even at the same time in this case john from IT and MAYBE "you".

2.The observatory:in the end abstergo entertainment passes the info you have from reliving edward's memories on to abstergo industries,in one of those memories it is made clear that a sage is needed to use it's power without any dangers or activating the defence weapons. But they killed him so what are they going to do now? Ubisoft would not put the observatory in the modern day story only to kill of the "key" that is needed for it making it useless. So maybe they found out that there is another one among them being you

3.Ok i know we are playing just as ourselves and it sounds crazy and all but knowing ubisoft and the twists and turns ac games are known for it wouldn't be to crazy that it turns out you are a sage as well and the "you are playing as yourself thing" would just be a cover to mislead us i mean this ubisoft we are talking about

4 juno: Desmond was the key to her release,you need to be her new body. the first time and only time we met juno in ac4 john was convinced she would take you as her body well it didn't work out well.Why was he so sure it would work and got into a complete rage/shock When it didn't happen? Why was he so desperate that YOU came to see her? Well because he know that are the solution because you are one of his "people" ofcourse he told us nothing about it just so he could go on with his plans.

think of it what you want but i think it's possible :)

11-28-2013, 05:39 PM
All Sages look the same, I'm pretty sure John would recognize a mirror of himself.

Also, Abstergo has the blood from John - they talk about it on a security feed.