View Full Version : Got the "Discovery you found a white whale" Message but marker doesnt show in map.

11-26-2013, 05:25 PM
So i got the message ingame "Discovery You found a white whale search for the "insert blue white whale icon here" in you map to find its location." However the icon is nowhere in my map. I found it white exploring Devils Eye Caverns (underwater diving bell) i've now went around the area to try to see where its at but cant find it anywhere. As i said the blue whale icon is nowhere on my map. At the same time friends are finding chests etc and they are being shared with me constantly and those chests are showing up in blue on my map. Why is my own white whale discovery not? I have no idea if this will affect it or not but at the moment theres a pretty bad storm for me near the location where i had the Discovery thing pop up. Even now if i go back to Devil's Eye Caverns and go into the diving bell i can see the white whale swimming around really close by.