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11-26-2013, 11:31 AM
[sorry for strange english, it is not my native language]

Hey, "old gamer" here.
Im playing from Amiga500 times, now i have my own family, job, etc. call it adult life, games are still one of my hobbies, and im not casual :) Im making mods, using them, playing games from A till Z , from different genres, from early 90's.
Today's gaming companies, often lack a spirit of gaming
(which is: fun, interesting, rich in story and background, technically effective, and without seriuos bugs , with good gameplay, and interface, and lot of options games), but i still kickin and playing games i playing classic games from GOG.com or my own archives, and present games and still can discover fun, even in some titles called as "****" by community. Call me happy gamer.
Ubisoft for me is a gaming company that don't loose spirit of early 90's games, times of first PCs and Amigas. Other game making companies that i could say the same about in today's world is Bethesda (rocking elder scrolls from Arena) , and maybe new Chris Roberts studio (Star Citizen yay!), FIraxis and few others.
Im often shocked by lack of understandig from younger players for new titles, (and some of older ones too), they criticize almost all game , no matter of genre. They said "bugs so game is ****" , vide Rome 2:Total War reception in september, "too early released" vide X-Rebirth , etc. etc. , they are loosing ability to enjoy games, they demanding only and a lot of anger comes too .
Great things are not constructed only on money, todays gamers should take that into account, world is not only about money ;).
It is very complicated and hard work to create something, be it computer games, architecture, programs, science projects , they are always errors "bugs" , wrong decisions etc., but one thing you should understand. They will be never created without passion.
And passion have nothing to do with money not matter what You do.
I hope that gaming companies will discover that very simple fact too, its time for it. You want money from gamers, SHOW PASSION THEN!
Money is not a problem, i could pay for product made with passion. And a lot of older gamers too, don't make games only for teens, they are casuals, hardocre gamers are over 20ty, have job and money to pay for games or are parents of gaming teens, interest them too!

About Black Flag:
Game is great , like any other Assassin's Creed titles.
Sailing is very good, could be more detailed but gameplay is a must too, so i could live with it. Maybe some zooming in and out while viewing outside of ship option. Im sailing for sport as a hobby in real life, and also have some interest in history, this game (as some sailing elements of ACIII, as Age of Pirates 2 with mods [see below] , Sid Meier's:Pirates!) make me real happy.
Atmosphere of the game is beyond every expectation, really fantastic story (of course it is naive and surreal but HEY! its a TALE of some kind! ) and sense of whole series as ONE STORY is great design choice!
Shanties!!! They are too quiet!! Loud them up damn! Some of them are hardly to hear even on earphones with maxed out volume! ;)
Music and sounds, and voice acting is PERFECT.
Graphics, well as this team shows i.e. in AC2 , they are simply masters, look at architecture in Assassin Creed 2 and his Subgames (Brotherhood/Revelations), attention to detail and great skill of graphic team is just marvelous, this time with Black flag they reach same level. And im really into graphics (not only into overall look but in small details , even 640x480 game from 90's could be beautiful) , as architect in real life i could say Ubisoft you have really right people on right places in terms of design/graphic/research team. Simply amazing.
Interface, easy to handle , easy to learn, customizable as always.
Difficulty , game is not too easy, some sea battles could be very hard , same with some missions, BUT , LAND hand to hand combat is WAY TOO EASY, Ubi please introduce some kind of difficulty settings or something into that system.
Second and the last one, very important flaw to me is that we have only few ships in game and only ONE that could be driven by the player, its not a bad design choice ITS A SIN :)!
We should have at least about 30/50 ships in that era to sail with and to battle with!
Please look at this game and this mod at PiratesAhoy dear Ubisoft, im sure You could make standalone game about piracy and some dlc with more ships for AC4 too:
Its a mod for game from 2009 Age of Pirates 2 : City of Abandoned Ships, please play a little and see what thousands of gamers dream of !
Im sure that game about piracy and sailing in Golden age of Piracy, mixing cRPG/action/sailing/economy based on AC4:BF engine will be GIGANTIC FINANCIAL succes for Ubisoft as there are no other titles in today world that could be rivals of that game of Yours.
Back to BF now, this game is a true GEM, maybe it has some bugs (tough i not noticed any, and for sure it doesnt have any gamebreaking) but this game is pure poetry!


Umbrecht known as IPE240 ;) (these damn account name changing restriction UBi please do something about it! )

11-26-2013, 12:56 PM
I had a commodore 64 I must be older than you :D nice post.