View Full Version : Mouse-over jumps around in configuration screens - Cannot select settings

11-23-2013, 07:24 PM
It turned out that because I had my steering wheel hooked up to the computer, Black Flag detected it as the game controller. I unplugged the wheel, and all is well.

Mouse-over jumps all over the place in configuration screens - so, I cannot select settings. The mouse-over auto-scrolls to the bottom of every screen (including the main menu). If I try to click an item anywhere above that, the mouse-over jumps near the item for like a millisecond, and then quickly scrolls, item by item, back to the bottom of the screen. I cannot select any config settings unless I get lucky by clicking fifteen or twenty times and catch it while the mouse-over is actually over the item. . . . But then the subsequent screen does the same thing.

I suspect that the game is expecting a console controller. But, I do not see a way to tell the game that I am using a mouse and keyboard.

I looked in the config file and see the mappings for the mouse and keyboard and other controllers, but again, not a way to tell the game that I just want the mouse and keyboard.

Any ideas?