View Full Version : Catch 22 - An AC4 challenge mod by youngneil1

11-23-2013, 01:42 PM
Hey yo piratey & sinister fellows,

you lads looking for some challenge in AC4? A more fluid and swift gameplay experience, a mighty fine test for you reflexes?

Well, get ready for boarding action then - proudly presenting:

Catch 22 by youngneil1

This little file here


increases the overall game speed by, heyho, you guessed 22%!

Yarhh, all enemies are 22% faster and your reflexes better be better ;-), too. It makes quite the difference, I tell yo!

After much fine tuning I found this speed to provide some decent increase in challenge, while still maintaining immersion (no fast forward feeling gameworld).

On top, everything just feels more fluid.. there's no going back, for me that is, to the old speed. It just feels clumsy.


One time only steps (1+2):
1. Download and install the CheatEngine program from here:
Note: Do manual install options and prevent that McAffee/advertising sutff from being installed, brrr, harf!

2. Download my little file (AC4BFSP.CT) from here and place into the CheatEngine install folder

Do 3 to 6 everytime when playing a new AC4 session - not necessary for each reload:
3. Run AC4 and alt+tab out of the game (important to have AC4 running when doing steps below)

4. Double click it (AC4BFSP.CT) - the CheatEngine opens asks whether to apply the file, confirm that

5. In the CheatEngine window there's a pc&magnifying glass icon highlighted in the top left corner - click it and choose AC4BSFP.exe (or whatever you AC4. exe is called in that list), confirm again to apply the script and therewith the speed increase.

6. Alt+tab back to AC4 and enjoy .-)

Note: You could also just manually increase the speed via CheatEngines menus; the file provided by me is nothing more than that speed increase, that's all.

Have fun.. and spread the word/give feedback, will yo ;-)

youngneil1 (aka Capsulath here)