View Full Version : NEW CHEAT or GAME GLITCH FOUND for AC4BF XBOX360

11-23-2013, 12:06 AM

But a Good One, you will like this one...

To achieve the 40G Achievement Trophy - Devil of the Caribbean (Defeat all 4 Legendary Ships) without any problems

Quick and Easy follow these steps and it will Save Game and Pop the Achievement..

1.) Fast Travel to a Nearby Fort
2.) Highlight the Legendary Ship closest to you on your Map (While you are Docked and at the wheel)
3.) Access your Menu and Select Abstergo Challenges
4.) Scroll to Cheats and Press A
5.) Scroll to Cheat (Dead Men Tell No Tales) and Turn it On! You are in GOD MODE.
6.) Exit Menu and Sail straight to the Nearest Legendary Ship, Fight Her and Sink Her.
7.) After you sink the Legendary Ship, Fast Travel Back to the Fort you turned your Cheat on at and turn off the Cheat.
Do these Steps one at a Time for each Legendary Ship and your Last and Final Legendary Ship you sink will Pop the Achievement Trophy for 40G

NOTE: You have to unlock this cheat and the Fort closest to the Legendary Ship has to be unlocked also, you can do this with No Upgrades to your JackDaw.