View Full Version : ACIV Macfarlane toys DLC next gen codes will not be usable

11-21-2013, 06:27 PM
Yes, it seems that Ubisoft and Macfarlane have omitted the fact in their package etc that the DLC content in the action figures etc can not be used for next gen.


I for one will be returning my products to where I bought them and asking for a refund for false advertising if another solution is not found.

Second, the content is already likely in the game and it just needs to be unlocked by "something" How about offering up all that content to us in a special package next gen CAN install? Anyone think of this as an option. Ask us for our sales slip as proof and offer up the ability to down load with one full code. This truly can't be that difficult to find a solution.

If some other solution is not found, I will proceed to make sure I make it known that Macfarlane figures should not be purchased or basically NO DLC anything in regards to next gen should be purchased from Ubisoft, Dr. Pepper, Macfarlane or any place else. This is unexcuseable and still feel that Ubisoft and Macfarlane need to make amends. FYI social media can be a very interesting place to get the word out about such things and backlash because of it.

11-22-2013, 01:24 AM
you know i really am resenting getting this on ps4, i waited 2 weeks longer to play it holding out and not reading any spoilers, was looking forward to the community challenges from acinitiates and had hoped to snag the silly DLC items since im OCD about stuff like that.

glad i didnt buy one of those codes off ebay!

so far the codes on those figures are useless to me
acinitiates is not working with nextgen meaning i cant get my sails for getting to that milestone in past games and i have no community challenges available to me. im going to be returning this game to gamestop first chance i get, i paid the same price as a ps3 disc for a game had to wait longer for it no less and am getting shorted out of the experience other players get. thanks ubi for sticking another one up the communities backside.

papa tom
11-22-2013, 01:40 AM
So does this go for ULC from pre order offers and limited edition versions of the game ? This needs to be clarified as a fair few people are purchasing next gen versions hoping to get the ULC content