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09-06-2013, 12:11 AM
"We do not exist as a clan, guild, crew, or group...........but in fact we are a family"


Check out our black ops 2 montage with 4 of the key members of TSE!!!!


Platform: Playstation 4

Style: Core Gaming Community

The Syndicate Experiment is recruiting for the crew and every imaginable co-op enabled game for the PS4. We look to create a family of gamers that move on to each and every single game as a unit and not just stick or limit ourselves to one game. We are looking to become a great mature community. We will run divisions, and each division will have a leader to oversee the operations of the people in that respective group. We will have monthly council meetings and such as to how to move the community forward and what games we will move into. If there is enough support for a game it will become a trial division and after maintaining a certain member base for that division for so long it will then become supported. We look to have monthly meetings as well, a real website.. We want an official domain and website that can be easily found and also have easy access to the forums for discussions.



You must be 18 years of age or older. Those under the age of 18 would be subject to a trial run....and the members will determine if your mature enough to stay.

Maturity: TSE is all about maturity, you must be able to handle yourselves as well the attitude to present other gamers. Trash talking and such is ok on occasion just don't let it get out of hand to destroy the reputation of the community.


Players of all sorts of caliber and skill can join TSE you don't have to be the elite of the elite to join us, just play the best you can and enjoy the games presented.

With that being said, as a family orientated it doesn't mean we don't take games seriously, it just means we understand life and the issues it presents. There is no activity requirement we understand that life comes first and gaming is second.

For more info please PM here on the forums or on PSN: SC-ViciousDS

post an app at the website, it is up and running please register and say high in the forums...also start conversations if you want anything added let me know!


Thanks for listening

TSE Founder,