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09-03-2013, 01:32 PM
Hello there!

My name is Eric and I come from Poland. When I saw The Crew for the first time I was thinking that this game will need the community site. So I started to create it.
After many days I finished my work and I can show You my work.

The Crew Online Faniste (http://thecrewonline.net)

So this is fans community site so I will introduce You some of features:
- You can register Your account and start writing on the site
- You can build this site by submitting news, photos, posts, articles.
- You are in the rank - for the most active users I prepared ranking.
- You will have Your own forum group I You will be a Crew Member or Crew Leader to communicate with other crew members.

Don't expect huge ammount of informations. This is the start. I spend to much time on coding this up.
I will be adding new features in future!

My goal? To create the best community in the Internet - but I will need Your help to do this..

Oh, I forgot. I made 2 fan wallpapers for the crew game. Hope You enjoy it. I will create more soon. If You can create something You can submit it on TheCrewOnline.net

http://thecrewonline.net/images/photoalbum/album_8/the_crew_game_wallpaper2_1920_t2.jpg (http://thecrewonline.net/gallery_photo-31_the-crew-game-fan-wallpaper.htm) http://thecrewonline.net/images/photoalbum/album_8/the_crew_game_wallpaper_1280_1024_t2.jpg (http://thecrewonline.net/gallery_photo-30_the-crew-wallpaper-fan.htm)

Give me a feedback on my site!

09-03-2013, 06:39 PM
Eric, would you plan on having an affiliate program? I also have a Community site for The Crew (along with many other games).
I would like to work together with you (and other community groups) to strengthen our presence and fan base for The Crew. We can work out the details for future competitions and challenges.
If you're interested, please let me know.


09-03-2013, 07:20 PM
This seems to be nice offer but how the co-operation would look like? Anyway - register on my site and ask again in near future because I have a lot to do right now ok?

Anyway - You can check out my new The Crew wallpaper which is HD resolution of trailer ending scene :)

http://thecrewonline.net/images/photoalbum/album_8/the_crew_wallpaper_logo_1920_t2.jpg (http://thecrewonline.net/gallery_photo-42_the-crew-logo-wallpaper-redesigned.htm)

and another one

http://thecrewonline.net/images/photoalbum/album_8/the_crew_cars_wallpaper_1920_t2.jpg (http://thecrewonline.net/gallery_photo-43_the-crew-cars-wallpaper.htm)